Advice on power cables

I own the following system:

VPI scout
Lyra Dorian
Wadia 12
Symphonic Line La Musica
Impulse Aria SE
Cardas Hexlink 5C
Cardas Golden five
Wireworld Atlantis 5

But I still use the standard power cables. I have a NBS dragonfly on borrow from a shop for my DAC and it is a improvement I also have borrowed a DCCA ref master that someone is selling 2nd hand I have the DCCA on my amp now. The NBS costs about 225€ and the DCCA 500€.

But there are so many brands out there so where else but DCCA and NBS should I look for power cables that don't break the bank. The DCCA is a real good cable, but I am not sure if it is worth the 500€ that he is asking for it. For that money I can buy 2 dragonfly's.

I am only interested in brands that are readily availble in Europe, the Netherlands.

Would a power cable do anything with a VPI scout?
for the cec, the purist audio design museus works wonders with them. gives a more blacker background, lower floor noise & nice smooth mids.
Last question first: Yes I do believe it will. But you know the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and very much so with powerd cords. Have you already tried either of the cords you have on audition?

Considering the prices you mention, I would suggest two brands.

Almost non-circumventionable in the Netherlands is Kemp:

The Kemp Plus is one of those low-profile workhorses you can deploy throughout the system with great results. The Kemp Reference should be even better, but I have never heard a set completely equiped with the latter. Prices will depend on the lengths you need, of course, but standard lengths are appr. EUR 250 for the Plus and EUR 450 for the Reference.

Equally interesting is Audioplan:

Power-wise my system used to be completely equipped with Audioplan (including FineFilter and PowerStar) and I can confidently say one can remain completely happy for the rest of a system's life thus equipped. Circumstances and curiosity drove me to start experimenting with other cords but rest assured, to get a markedly better set-up, time and a not unsubstantial amount of money need to be spent. Should you choose Audioplan, always go for the "S"-series, though, it does not only look better than "G", it is sonically rather more complete (no matter what certain magazines may claim). Prices are in the EUR 175 range for the standard PowerCord S. There is also a CleanCord S with built in filter for EUR 500 that I never tried but reportedly works wonders with certain gear. The website expounds on what can be used with what other component, and anyway, Thomas Kuehn has never been scant with his knowledge when asked.

And with the latter, I've touched on another important thing that Kemp and Audioplan have in common. They both offer complete, synergistic (no pun intended) solutions when it comes to power systems.

Good luck
Ignore all the advice.

Good luck, it's a minefield.

Indeed, ignore all the advice. Only try by your self.
With the NBS you found already an exceptional cable.
Most other cables in this price range do nothing good! There are so many brands on the market but only a few good ones and it gets harder to find them.

There is also a NBS MineSerpent-III which costs I think less then twice the DragonFly. But 2 DragonFly's do more then one MS. It's a matter of budget you like to spend.
But do not only look at the money, buy what you like.

Have fun.
Either (a) accept the statements from persons with scientific and engineering backgrounds who state that different power cords make no difference in audio performance, or (b) buy a lot of different power cords, particularly the most expensive ones, and try each for for yourself with extended periods to allow for break-in. Whichever approach you generally use in your other purchasing decisions.
Good luck, it's a minefield.

I disagree totally with that ridiculous statement.

I am tired of these comments completely out of left field.

High end power cords have migrated from mining! It is no longer about gold, silver, platinum, copper or iron!

Get your science facts straight Mr Audiofeil!

Clearly, with giant Serpents and Dragonflys etc., it is much more like a Jungle out there!

;-) Just Kidding
I tried out the mine/serpent didn't like it. The dragonfly was more open and faster to my ears. There is one more cable I am going to try but I think at 200€ the dragonf;y cannot be beaten.

No NBS does not pay me nor do I sell any audio gear.
I would like to add a comment....this is not a current spec DCCA Audio Reference Master power cord(before May 2008)and it is being using with an adaptor...US standard to Schuko-plug adaptor. I do now offer the Reference Master power cord with Schuko-plugs. The Current spec Reference Master is a significant improvement in sound and performance over the original Reference Master power cord. Don DCCA Audio

I know, we mailed about it already. But thank you for the info.