Advice on Possible CD Upgrade Please

Hi all, I know one's ears are the determining factor but can i get some suggestions on where to start? I'm considering looking to upgrade from my Cal Audio LAbs Alpha-Delta combo. What players at the 1500.00 tops and under would make it worth changing? I've been very happy with the Cal pieces but I know there is improved technology now. Thanks, Zar
the improvements in software are more dramatic than in hardware...if you like your classic cal duo, keep 'em
Rega Apollo, or,
Used Rega Jupiter 2000
Sorry, I guess I should list my gear and musical tastes.

Aragon 8008bb amp
Musical Fidelty A3cr pre -amp
Mirage m5 bi polar speakers (bi wired w Audioquest cable)
Ps Audio P-300 power plant
Cal Audio Alpha Delta CD-DAc
Signal cable interconnects
Signal cable power cord from amp to wall
Signal Cable digital power cords from the Cals to PP.
Ps Audio extreme power cord from PP to wall.
Ps Audio punch power cord from pre-amp to PP.
I'm plugged into a 20amp dedicated line.
I pretty much agree with jaybo, although I believe you'd get a possibly better upgrade for your dollar by spending it elsewhere. SignalCable is capable wire, but there's better, less grainy sounding wire available.

The Cal Delta stuff seems to be considered classic gear by many on this board.
I have no listening experience with any of the things in your rig, but I was wondering what is missing in your sound that leads you to believe that your source is the culprit?
IMO, your gear would benefit from better cables. I have tried Signals a few times but they are always veiled. Changing cables can be much cheaper than a new source and you may be surprised at how good your equipment already can be.

I've got some Audioquest king cobra interconnects, maybe I should hook them back up and see. Zar