Advice on Odyssey Nightingale

I'm a newbie, and have been offered a pair of Odyssey Nightingale speakers, 3 years old but in great condition. Has anyone out there listened to these before? What would constitute a fair price for the pair?

Many thanks.

This is my first activity on audiogon but I can tell you that the products from Odyssey are very good for the bucks you have to pay. I have most of the items that Odyssey sells and can tell you that the speakers are very good. I do have a pair of Loreleis, Nightingales and Circe.

I was very surprised when I first heard the Nightingales in that there was more bass that I had expected. It was nice and tight. These list for $1295 a pair and I would think that a 3 year old pair would run from 700 to 800 if they are in good shape. If you can get them for less then I would think you will be very happy with time.

I would give Klaus a call at 317-299-5578 and give him the name of the seller and he should be able to tell you if there has been any upgrades to the speakers over the last couple of year and he might be able to give you a reasonable use price to pay.

Klaus is a goodun. He also works very late into the night and early mornings.
I am not criticizing Odyssey at all, but I don't think the resale value of those speakers should be quite as high as the first poster suggests. Maybe if they were one year old....
Klaus didn't start shipping these speakers till April 2002 so they should be almost 2 years old.
I agree with all the good comments about Odyssey and Klaus. Exceptional value for the money. I hope that number is for his cell, as that is how to reach him best.

It sounds like the speakers may be close to your location. If so, give them a listen (hopefully in your own room).....the ultimate test and recommendation :)