advice on new CD player

Has anyone had any experience with the Denon 2200 universal player and the following formats:


I am looking for a new CD player to replace an ancient Denon model. Interested in trying SACD or DVD-A but have no titles in either format. Have 1000s of CDRs and redbook.

Current system:

HK AVR 325
Klipsch bookshelf surrounds (RB-25)
ADS L570 (which I hope to upgrade as well)
Klipsch center channel (RC-25)

My music/movie ratio is probably 50/50. I have a couple of cheap DVD players (low end Toshiba and Sony) so DVD playback is not a necessity but I like the bonus of the multiple formats and I'm sure the Denon will be a huge upgrade (for redbook and DVD) over what I have been used to.

So my questions relate to the compatibility of the Denon with the multiple formats as well as quality of sound and video (whether I will be much happier with a separate CD playback unit rather than a universal player). It would have to be a fairly large leap in quality for a stand alone redbook player over a universal player for me to go that route (and I would rather keep the redbook player's cost to under $400).

Budget $400-500 (for universal or DVD/SACD/redbook) prefered but since the Denon is universal I would go to $600 for that or similar product.

Thanks in advance for any responses to my convuluted post!
My buddy just bought the denon 2200. We have listened to it extensively in different formats. My humble opinion is that in your system and what you've descibed as your priorities, that unit would fit your system well. We compared the similarly priced Marantz and it came down to sonic preferences and apparent build quality of the Denon unit.