Advice on new cables

Hello, everyone
I am looking for your recommendations on speaker cables and IC's for the following system:

1. Accuphase dp67 cd player;
2. Audio Research Reference 3 preamp;
3. Onkyo M510 Grand Integra power amp;
4. Proac Response 4 speakers.

Currently using MIT for all cables. The music I listen to is mixed: jazz, classical, rock, blues. I can't detect anything wrong with the current cabling, except that my concern is that the current cables are limiting the potential of my components.
MIT makes good cables. Enjoy what you have. Spend the money on software. You are chasing your tail.
I kind of agree with Tom6897, but if you have the time and interest why not contact one of those cable library companies? They will keep sending you cables to try until you find on that you like.
Anybody else? Heard good things about Auditorium 23 speaker cables.
I have 1 dealer by me that uses all MIT or Transparent cables. Personally the tonal quality is excellent but to me they lack dynamics. Now it could be the networks were not matched to the equipment and if that's the case that's the dealers fault. For that reason I did not care for them at any price. I like the Nordost cables personally but not everyone does. I think the folks that have entry level equipment will say they are thin sounding and bright. Not for me though. Regarding Nordost they just announced at the CES they have a Series 2 in the Norse series. I'm currently running all Frey's and when my local dealer gets his Series 2 demo case I'm willing to demo them and upgrade if they are good as they say. I've heard the series 2 Tyr is better sounding than the Valhalla's. If that's the case I will own a pair.

I highly suggest the cable company to try
That way you would know how they sound in your home on your system.
Thanks. I am exactly looking for more dynamics and rhythm without loosing warmth.
What model MIT are you using? Your question is a little vague - there are many variants in the line...
My current MIT cables are the following: Shotgun AC1 power cables; Shotgun S3 balanced interconnects; and Shotgun S3 speaker cables.
Why would you think that your cables are limitation?? I think your speakers and amp are suspicious.