Advice on my audio chain

Hi, I am new in this community.
I like to listen to good music, with no extreme spending for my chain (CD, turntable, radio with a Lector hybrid integrated and B&W CDM1 speakers) and a lot of fun.
I was happy of my budget system.
Few days ago I got a real bargain on a Gryphon Linestage pre, used.
Now I am looking for a used adequate amp (I was thinking of a BAT VK 200 or something like this)to match the expected quality of the preamp.
My turntable will not change (Thorens TD 160 with a Goldring Eroica cart).
Anyone ready to change my mind on the BAT VK 200?
My budget for the amp is max 1600 dollars.I listen radio, rock, some jazz and some more.
Do you believe I should upgrade my speakers afterwards ?
Mangiaspinaci et va caga? BAT is good, a VTL ST85 would be very nice too. For speakers, you can always do better than B&W!
Do you know anything about Viktor Khomenko, the man behind BAT? Check out ARC
no, I don't, Pbb.
What do you mean ?
Pbb, explain yourself in detail svp.

I've met Victor & Geoff several times and own three pieces of BAT gear and I'm happy with the components, the service, and the people behind them. Enlighten us.
BAT's VK-200 is a wonderful amplifier. I've owned one for about seven years, and still have it in a second system. You should be able to find one in your price range but do keep in mind that BAT amps run balanced.

IMO, you should first upgrade your speakers and then look to match your amp to the speakers.

BTW, Pbb, what should we know about Victor? LOL