Advice on Music


This might be a weird question or request but I have been wanting to hear some particular or specific type of music on LP's and am trying to search for them.
I will provide 2 example's of what I am looking for. I don't know the genre exactly but have some slight idea I think.
Kind of looking for older soft vocal music or just music from long ago.

The music would be from the 1940's to the 1960's I think.
First example, Frank Sinatra One For My Baby. I have this album and love listening to this song and the others on the LP but especially that particular song.
Second example, Music: "It's Been a Long Long Time"
I like that really old skool music and songs.

Would that be big band or some other genre?

Obviously Frank Sinatra is one artist that I probably need to get more LP's of if I want that type of music but I am also thinking Nat King Cole, Dean Martin maybe? Not to familiar with artists from those times or the music but I know I like it.

I prefer LP vs CD for this type of music.

Any other suggestions?

You might want to check out some of the YouTube videos presenting recordings by the late British singer Matt Monro, who was sometimes referred to as the British Frank Sinatra. And also as "the man with the golden voice." And for that matter I have read that he was one of Sinatra’s favorite singers.

Although he was active for several decades, his best known recordings were done during the 1960s.

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-- Al
Ordered the album Ella & Louis on LP, should be a good one I think.

Also ordered (this is a modern album) Temptation by Chantal Chamberland. I have this on DSD and it is incredible but I also want to hear it on LP (compare and contrast).

If you are into DSD and have not experienced Temptation, it is definitely worth a look.
Received both albums, Ella & Louis and Temptation.

Both sound really good. I need to get more of the oldies.

More Ella F, Frank S and all of that good stuff.