Advice on Music


This might be a weird question or request but I have been wanting to hear some particular or specific type of music on LP's and am trying to search for them.
I will provide 2 example's of what I am looking for. I don't know the genre exactly but have some slight idea I think.
Kind of looking for older soft vocal music or just music from long ago.

The music would be from the 1940's to the 1960's I think.
First example, Frank Sinatra One For My Baby. I have this album and love listening to this song and the others on the LP but especially that particular song.
Second example, Music: "It's Been a Long Long Time"
I like that really old skool music and songs.

Would that be big band or some other genre?

Obviously Frank Sinatra is one artist that I probably need to get more LP's of if I want that type of music but I am also thinking Nat King Cole, Dean Martin maybe? Not to familiar with artists from those times or the music but I know I like it.

I prefer LP vs CD for this type of music.

Any other suggestions?

You might try Easy Listening or MOR, Middle of the Road.  Yeah, they're kind of  demeaning names for a genre but they might get you some decent artists to try.  I gotta tell you, too, that I inherited a lot of MOR, Sinatra-style LPs from my parents.  Both mono and early stereo.  Some of them sound truly superb.  I love 'em.
"One for my baby"

Ella Fitzgerald did a cover on her 1960 Verve release "Let No Man Write My Epitaph"It is fabulous. I have 3 period copies. Verve Stereo/Mono and a British "His Masters Voice"
Ella does a wonderful selection of American Songbook cuts.

It’s the soundtrack from the movie.
Also recommended if you’re into classics. Made during the period when Shelly Winters was attractive. Also the subject matter is quite racy for the time.

Difficult to find a clean copy but worth it, if you’re a period snob, as myself. I eschew reissues, and give in ONLY, if it something is unobtanium.
Here’s the 45

It’s a particularly beautiful sounding album, because it’s pure.Just Ella and piano. Very few singers can get away with that. No voice is even close. Ella is known for her gift of diction, when singing. Today’s singers can’t approach her level.

Nothing against any current performers like Diana Krall, but she sounds like an amateur hour contestant when comparing the two.

I always get sucked into this album, no matter how many times it’s been played.
Definitely an album that reveals if your system is up to the task. Ella will be in the room, when it’s right.

I take this album to shows, to hear it on an uber system. Always catches everyone’s attention.


Since I veered of course with the Ella suggestion-

Here’s the one to get

Definitely a swingin album. Makes you want to have a martini and cigarette in hand, wearing your sharkskin suit.

Might be easier to find an original. I have both the stereo and mono, and prefer the mono, for some reason.
Linda Ronstadt recorded three albums of standards with Nelson Riddle and his orchestra. Performed straight up classic, no schmaltzy flourishes, superbly recorded and mastered, more than homage they are pure yet somehow manage to sound new at the same. Another great is Harry Nilsson, A Little Touch of Schmilsson In The Night. In fact now you made me think of it thanks, its going on in a minute. If you don't love it I will eat my hat. And its a big hat. Has to be. I have a big head. Just ask anybody.
The Great American Songbook is the general genre

and the saying in Texas is “ all hat no cattle”

but perhaps, perhaps Miller is in this case spot on about Linda. Immaculate and recorded on the big soundstage at Skywalker Sound.
Thanks for all the suggestions. 

I think what I am going to do is, first pull these albums/tracks up on Qobuz ( if they have it), find which ones I like to get a taste and then go on the hunt to find them on LP format.
Johnny Hartman. His album with Coltrane is a classic, but I think you'll enjoy the others, too.
Here's a REC per my old post.

Not much info on these, but they used to come up on Ebay years ago...

Oh, and they are MONO,

If you ever run across box sets of Jazz vocalists by The Easton Press check them out.

They were produced in the mid 1980's and the boxes are a dull Gray/Silver.

I have Ethel Waters, Mildred Baily, Sarah Vaughan, Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne and Fred Astaire.

The Astaire box is my favorite.

You might want to check out some of the YouTube videos presenting recordings by the late British singer Matt Monro, who was sometimes referred to as the British Frank Sinatra. And also as "the man with the golden voice." And for that matter I have read that he was one of Sinatra’s favorite singers.

Although he was active for several decades, his best known recordings were done during the 1960s.

Best regards,
-- Al
Ordered the album Ella & Louis on LP, should be a good one I think.

Also ordered (this is a modern album) Temptation by Chantal Chamberland. I have this on DSD and it is incredible but I also want to hear it on LP (compare and contrast).

If you are into DSD and have not experienced Temptation, it is definitely worth a look.
Received both albums, Ella & Louis and Temptation.

Both sound really good. I need to get more of the oldies.

More Ella F, Frank S and all of that good stuff.