Advice on Mono-Blocks without breaking bank

Current System:
Odyssey Labs HT-2 (a Stratos knockoff)
Audio Research LS-8 Tube pre-amp
Rotel Cd (as transport)
PS Audio Digial Link III DAC
Kimber Kable Silver Streak interconnects
Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers

The zen's are new and sound great, think of mono-blocks as next improvement (unless you think go pre-amp first,love audio research products)

so... Go to Odyssey stratos mono's or go "d" to channel island d200? This class d technology sounds interesting, have all types of music from rock to mozart.

Thanks Much in advance
Here are some questions:

* What kind of sonic signature are you after?

* What parameters are most important for you?

* Are you planning to have a fully balanced system or single ended?

* What is your budget?

I have adagios also. I recently got stratos monos in khartago cases which do an outstanding job. Wide and deep soundstage and very nice base.The khartago cases make the amps easier to place and manage. I use an audio research ref 1 preamp and cambridge dac.
You can find AES Six Pac mono's used for under $2k.