Advice on monitor/bookshelves under $2,000

OK - I'm not an audiophile but have been cherishing music since the 70's. I live in the middle of nowhere in northern Michigan and can't drive great distances to audition anything. I'm searching for used monitors or bookshelves under $2,000. I'm more than willing to accept something 5-10 years old so that I can get a better value for my buck (someone else has already paid for the depreciation). Of the many, many speakers I've owned in the past my favorites were Alon IVs and JBL 4311s.

The speakers will be used as part of a 5.1 surround consisting of a Marantz SR-18 receiver, Carver Sunfire Junior sub, a center to be purchased in the future to match the mains, and Klipsch surrounds. I mostly listen to 5.1 concert DVDs - my favorites including Eric Clapton, Sting, Sade and Chris Botti. On the other hand, I occasionally listen to stuff like AC/DC or Insane Clown Posse. And lots of benefit concert stuff with multiple artists of different musical types.

My room is about 15' X 20' with 8' of open space leading into a dining room (to the left of the speakers). Carpeted floors and an L-shaped big sectional.

I've recently purchased B&W VM1s and B&W DM 605 S2s. I'm disappointed in both. The VM1s didn't produce enough of anything, the 605s - even after playing with the settings - sounded "boomy" to me.

Doing research online, I seem to be leaning towards another pair of Alons/Nolas, Dynaudio, Revels and Proacs. Please - don't grump at me for anything I've overlooked since I'm trying my very best. ANY suggestions are sincerely appreciated! THANKS! -Bob
I've owned the same Dynaudio speakers 3 times. I always end up going back to them after trying other monitors for extended periods of time. Read the review of the Excite on the Stereophile site and give them serious consideration. I have the Audience 52se as my primary speaker in my office system, which I'm pretty sure is the earlier incarnation of the now Excite model.

I'll say this about Dynaudio speakers and you can trust me on this...they take FOREVER to settle in. If you end up buying new ones, don't even evaluate them until they have played constantly for a week or more. Each pair I've had has tried my patience to the point of thinking I got a defective pair before they finally started singing.
I have really enjoyed Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand monitors that I have owned for 6 yrs now. You find it used for $600 now ($2000 new).
I have liked Sonus Faber Cremona M, but have not owned them, but they do well with the music you like also. Should be able to find them used for around $2000 too. Harbeth monitors might be also something you should look at.
Your speakers will only sound as good as the rest of your system, so you might want to also look at your amps/source if you do not like the sound you are getting now. My Haydn's kept improving as I upgraded the electronics behind them over the last 6 yrs.
For monitor/bookshelves in the sub $2000 range I would not hesitate to recommend the B&W 805N. This is a magic speaker. I had the 605 S2 and there is no correlation at all. 805N do so much right it is unbelievable. Their current model, the 805D at $5k is (in my opinion and many others) not at the same level. They hold their value, selling for $1500-$2k consistently.
Personally if I were you I would look for a better amp. I'm not surprised you didn't like the B&W with that amp. No matter how good of speaker you get it won't produce magic driven by a mid grade surround receiver. I'm not a theatre guy but if there is a way to get two good channels for music and leave the others for theatre I think this is what you should do. The best bang for the buck is going to be a two channel integrated. Creek Destiny, sim audio i5.3, krell s-300i or other highly rated integrated amps around the 1200-2000 used range are all great sounding and would be such a better base for your system if making two channel music sound good is your priority. Creek destiny and revel M20 sounds great, sim audio i5.3 and dynaudio audience 50 sounds great, krell s-300i and Von schweikert vr1 sound great. All these combos could be had for your budget you are proposing. I've owned or own all these combos as well as many lower priced type receivers and integrated amps and at this point I firmly believe that without a great amp you won't get that good of sound. You could also consider an all in one system like the dynaudio xeo. I have those too and they sound great as well.
I would concur....B&W doesn't get magical unit one gets the exposed tweeter on top...705/805,ect....Revel M 20 are a great buy used...often 600-700 range...and can compete with many costlier monitors...good luck
Daber Monitor 3 speakers. Have a pair myself love them. A fellow has them up for sale on Sometimes appear here as well. Great sound, well made.
Fritz Carbon 7 (NO CONTEST)
It seems that the LSA 1 Statement version of their LSA 1 monitor would be a good candidate. The Statement is a hotrodded version of their basic LSA 1 monitor with the addition of better cabinet damping material, bigger, heavy-duty crossover components, and most of all, a tweeter upgraded from fabric dome to an Aurum Cantus ribbon tweeter. Originally these were sold through a dealer network at $2500-2800/pair and garnered some pretty enthusiastic reviews at that price. Recently, however, LSA has gone Internet-Direct via Underwood Hi-Fi and the price has been dropped to $1699/pair in rosewood.

Google "LSA1 Statement review" and you'll find plenty of rave reviews for this speaker at its original price of $2799. It was also an Absolute Sound 2013 Editor's Choice in the $2k to $3K range. The picture in the article is of the standard model, but the version they were recommending is the Statement version with the ribbon tweeter. Notice that it's right next to the B&W PM1 at $2800 and that's some seriously good company. But the LSA1 Statement is now $1699.

I have no affiliation with either LSA or Underwood.
Since you've liked Alons in the past why not take a look ate the Nola Boxers? Great reviews, and you can add an Announcer center speaker later (or another Boxer). I think Joseph Audio RM7s are also worth a look although you'll need to find them used to hit your price range, and you can add a Cynergy center later. Best of luck.
KEF LS 50 is a sweet sounding monitor speakers. Price range from 1300-1500 brand new. Sometimes available here on Agon and ebay.