Advice on mini disk recorders

Hi, all. I have a question to submit to you on behalf of a fellow in my Wednesday evening wood carving class. Last evening, I had a conversation with this fellow classmate, and he mentioned that he loves blues, plays the acoustic guitar, and has been attending blues guitar workshops for the past several years. He would like to record the music by the instructors at the workshops, and then transfer them to his PC so he can slow down the tempo of a song while he learns the chords/riffs. In short, he wants to be able to use a microphone and record onto either CD or mini disk, and thus needs a recorder that meets the following requirements:
1. it must be relatively small and battery-operated;
2. it must have an input for a microphone;
3. it must have a built-in DAC;
4. it is desirable that the unit also have digital output capability (so he can transfer the recording directly to his PC, although this may not be critical since he could play the CD or mini-disk in the computer's CD-ROM drive).
Last, although cost is not a major factor, it would be desirable if the unit sells (discounted) for around $250-300.

I have very limited knowledge of this type of recorder / player device, and would like input from anyone who has suggestions about which brand/model of mini-disk or CD recorder will meet the requirements outlined above. The other area of advice is regarding suitable microphones for use with the unit.

All suggestions/comments welcome.
Have your classmate go to the website Everything he will ever need to this end can be found there.
Or, you can go the "Minidisc Community Page"!!!
I have found to have a fairly good selection of home recording gear, from ADAT to minidisc, from studio mics to cheap mics.
Minidisc, or analogue tape (compact cassette) sounds like the only availability at that price point. I'd apportion at least $75 for the mic, and the rest on the recorder. Marantz makes some nice portable CD recorders, but they're $600+.
Thanks, guys -- this has been very useful input. I looked at the "" site, and there seems to be adequate info there for my fellow carver. I'm going to pass along along your input, and there should be more than enough info for him to make an educated choice.

I bought a set of Core Sound's Low Cost Binaural Mics for $75. These mics are tiny cylinders--about 1/4" in diameter by about 3/4" long. They can clip to the recording device or to your shirt collar. A set costs $75 plus shipping and are great for someone who wants small and compact.

I get good results with a professional Sony Walkman since I still love analog. But the folks at Core Sound are helpful and can recommend various mini disc recorders.

There are many testimonials at the Core Sound website. The website may be useful to your friend. The Core Sound mics come with a thirty day money back guarantee. Good luck to your friend.