Advice on integrated tube amps

I want to make the switch to a tube amp. The wife is not very enthusiastic about these things. An integrated amp is probably what I'd want. I have the Dynaudio Audience 50 and the room is about 15x20 ft. I listen to a wide range of music. Any advice on anything <$1,00?
I assume you meant under 1000. I would look for something in the Jolida line. The only problem I know of is they have customer service issues from time to time. If you could go above your budget you might look at the Rogue Mag. Tempest. You can find them for about $1500 used.
Bill Baker of Response Audio is running a clearance on Ming Da amps and had two MC-88 units left a few days ago. It has a true active tube preamp stage unlike most of the so-called tube integrateds. I'd have bought one myself but I have no need...
cayin ta-30 from bizzybee or primaluna from upscale audio
To better understand and assist: What amp/pre are you currently using? What do you like/dislike about it? Have you demoed a tube amp in your system? Why do you think tubes may be a good choice?

If your Audience 50s are 4ohm, 88dB you may be happiest with a late-model, higher quality used (say, Audiomat Arpege) tube integrated for $1,000 - $1,500 that can drive and control your speakers. If you don't require higher listening levels on dynamic music, there are several
quality(?) Chinese tube integrateds out there for $1,000 to $1,500 (new). Just know that some are unsupported and the longevity may be questionable.
I like Refsquared's answer--it's hard to make good suggestions out of context. Dynaudios are pretty dynamic (hence the name, perhaps) and if you have them you may be a rocker at heart. If that's the case you might prefer an amp built for 6550 or KT88 output tubes, not EL34s (which are my preference).

If I were looking for tube integrateds I would jump at an Arp├Ęge if I could get one at a good price, and otherwise I'd want a HIT audio amp. These are Cayin designs but with upgraded parts. They are hand-built and reliability does not appear to be an issue. Antique Sound Labs might be a good bet at lower prices

Canadian distributor's HIT Audio line
It was my impression that the Dynaudios like alot of power. Has anyone actually used any of the tube amps mentioned above with the Dyns? If any, I'd be thinking Rogue, but I have no previous experience with the Dyns.
OP here. I'm currently using an Onkyo reciever that puts out 65w/ch. I rarely exceed 1/2 the volume and it does a fine job. I listen to some rock-n-roll(no heavy metal) but trend more toward stuff like Alison Krauss, Lyle Lovett(who I might add makes beautiful albums, check out "The Road to Ensenada" or "Smile: Songs From the Movies"), Steve Earle, Guy Clarke, The Two Dollar Pistols(check that out), Alt. Bluegrass, Classical Music, etc... I really enjoy well recorded and mixed music, but prefer accoustical stuff. There's just something about those tubes glowing when the ligts are low that makes me feel like "I gotta get me somma that!"
I have a pal who uses the HIT Audio MT-88 (rated 45 wpc from a quad of 6550s in p-p ) with his Dynaudios. He chose that amp because it's a rocker, he says. I haven't heard his setup yet, but he's used Sim Moon electronics in the past, if that's any guide. The MT-88 is way out of allmondm's price range, though.

My own choice would be the lower-powered, sweeter EL34 model, but then I have Meadowlarks and I like eight-part medieval harmony.

That doesn't mean allmondm can't like the same thing on Dynaudios, though. I'm trying to guess his musical taste from his choice of speakers, and I could be way wrong.
FWIW, I've gotten beautiful sound using a 30W/ch 6L6-based tube amp with Dynaudio Contour 1.1 "clone" DIY loudspeakers (Esotec tweeters/17W75 woofers), debunking (for me at least) the contention that Dynaudio loudspeakers are power hungry.
You'll want something that does both voice and rhythm. It's possible. There are tube amps, even reasonably-priced integrateds, that can give you both that lovely, liquid, almost 3-D singer floating in space between your speakers and the speed and timing that will make you have to choose between sitting there glued to the music or dancing around the room.

It's my guess that your system is quite dynamic but a bit flat. Your speakers can do justice to a much better amp, but they would prefer one that has a bit of punch. Taking speakers in to a store so you can listen to an amp is a lot harder than doing it the other way round, but your speakers are the best thing you've mentioned. You haven't said what your source is.

If your significant other is not enthusiastic about a system that makes great music, she may not yet have heard something that really touches her. Female listeners are often humbling to me because they actually seem to hear better. If you want good gear, she may well be able to tell you what's the best.
OP here. Thanks for all your input. I'll do some shopping around over the holidays. I will most likely take the speakers with me to a couple of places as I visit relatives to see how they sound with different amps. I'll post another update if things work out. Happy Thanksgiving.
If you can find heathkit W4-AM mono blocks you'll be very happy. A real steal. Beautiful sounding.Use the onkyo for pre amp. great match for any speakers in a room your size. Look on audiogon or
Hello, You may want to consider the Kora line of integrateds if you can find one. They are French made and sound awesome in most systems. I really like the Kora Design 30, which uses El-34's and 12au7's. They made one called the Mercury, which is EL-84 based and about 10wpc more. It came in an remote version as well. You can find more information on The fellas at Kora are easy to deal with as well. They are true engineers and not a bunch of sales-hacks.

The previous suggestion for the Rogue Audio Tempest is a good one as well. They do go used for 1200 to 1800 bucks though. Well worth the money and you get a bit more power.

Good Luck,
Wow, you've got relatives (as in more than one) with tube amps?! Cool! I think Dynaudio's require muscle, as Peter_S said. In addition to his Rogue recommendation you may be able to find a used Mesa Baron which would fit the bill. Pretty heavy though, and takes quite a few tubes. Versatility is a strong suit though as it can cycle through three different modes of amplification ranging from pentode to triode. You should be able to find one used for about $1500 but be sure they have the original packing and will ship the tubes separately. It is a beast. But should be able to grab a hold of those Dynaudios and shake up the room if you need it to. In triode it makes for a more delicate airy presenation, while the power may be just enough to keep the little Dynaudios purring nicely.