Advice on inexpensive CD player

Hi, I am going to replace my Sony ES 5 disk changer. I suspect problems in the output stage. I am looking for opinions on a low cost (not $50.00 cheapo) new or used CD player. I am going to add an inexpensive DAC, probably an MSB. I have to save a buck at the time and I know it is a sin to put a cheapo on the rest of the equipment (Classe Omega amp & Pre, Thiel 7.2's and Cardas cables) but I can't afford anything better at the moment.
Thanks for any thoughts.
I have had good luck with the Philips 963 dvd player. Excellent audio. I really do like the upsampling.
My favorite is NAD C-541i. I've used transport/DAC combos costing four times and CDPs costing three times the 541i and preferred the NAD. Really like the HDCD.
Why mess with a cheap player and add yet another box ( DAC ) when you can have Ric at EVS do up a Panasonic, Toshiba or Samsung DVD player that will blow it away for less than $500 total investment? Sean
Go for the AH tube CD player with upsampler, Jolida
JD100 is a good choice also.Thanks