Advice on how to reset circuit breaker on Richard Gray UPS Power Conditioner

Richard Gray Power Conditioner/UPS Maintenance. Model RGPC 400 Pro

My unit was hit with a major power surge induced by lightning storm.  I need to learn how to reset the circuit breaker and I need to buy a new battery pack for it.  The company got bought out so they are giving nonexistant customer support while milking the sales.  Any advice here regarding availability of battery packs?  Any advice regarding location of circuit breaker so I can reset it?  Feeddback greatly appreciated!
Thus far can't find the circuit breaker, only the fuse on top which I did replace.  

I had a Monster brand circuit protector. When it blew due to static electricity, it had to be scrapped, one time use they said. I hope that is not your issue. 
Understand russ69.  I may end up using the  

SHUNYATA VENOM PS8 POWER DISTRIBUTOR, VENOM DEFENDER, AND VENOM HC POWER CORDS.  It does not provide UPS protection, but i have been told that if I introduce an UPS to the line it would affect sound quality.  Hence, I should be much less concerned with brownouts (which are common in my building) than sipkes 7 static.

@nouveau920 :  Shunyata is a good choice!! I followed the Party Line of Naim-Heads that no conditioners should ever be used, ever, with Naim equipment. Installed a dedicated 20amp line for my all-Naim rig but the benefit/drawback of being the last house in one of Malibu canyons still sh@t onto my system. Shunyata Hydra II and a bunch of Shunyata power cords (and $10k) finally fixed my anxiety!  Richard Gray works well for my headphone system: Naim CDX-Lehmann-D-650. Substituted PS Audio PowerPlant: good riddance!!

During heavy rains or lightning storms I will have to unplug the whole system as well I guess.
Yup!  Am so grateful for all you people's intelligent & useful feedback.. After replacing the fuse on the $800 Richard Gray, I had to scrap it as well as the $400 Monster unit.  Hence $1,200 down the toilet.  Am getting the Shunyata Venom 3 piece setup which is currently available as a package of the 3 pieces for 1K, marked down from roughly $1,400; a pretty good deal!

Keep me posted on the way(s) you enjoy the Shunyata over the Richard Gray.

Happy Listening!

Being delivered sometime this week.  Distributer said that if/when surge hits only the $200 Defender has to be replaced, not the whole unit, so you're not flushing $900 down the toilet like I did!
Just received Shunyata Venom package deal ($995).  Came with upgraded feet, power cord, power delivery strip & circuit Defender.  Very impressed w/build quality. 
Nice! nouveau920

I was impressed w/ the Shunyata V-Ray (original) a few years back.
Excellent build quality and positive customer service.