Advice on first MC cartridge

I have a Merrill/Scillia modded AR tt with a Rega (moth)301 arm, AT 150-mlx
cart and Ray Samuels Nighthawk phonostage. I like the cartridge but would like to try moving coil in the $1k-2k new or used range. I really like the musicality of this cartridge but think I could get more detail, extension etc. Anyone with a Rega tonearm that has a good match with a higher end Dynavector, Ortofon,
Lyra, Clearaudio etc. Any advice appreciated.
George (my wife is auntjenof2)
My first Lyra was on Rega P25 and after having a Grado, Benz Glider I wanted a MC Cart and the Lyra Lydian was a wonderful match for the table and arm. In the price range you provide you can buy a new Delos or a good clean used Helikon and a Skala just was listed for under 2K but sold promptly. Keep your eyes open here and you will find a deal or just get the Delos. It is a great cart with new technology and sounds awesome for 1500.00
Second the Delos recommendation. Also Dyna 17d3 if you like your music very detailed and quick. The Ortofon Kontrapunkt B or Windfield used would fit in your price range also. Very nice, detailed cartridges.
You can compare the Denon with the Dynavector at this site:

On the left, If you click on "mm cartridges" you can also compare them with your AT.

George, put a Dyna 20x2, either L or H, on your list and save a few bucks.

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Thanks for the great responses everyone. Thanks for that link Bob. I am intrigued by the Lyra carts. Dan_ed, my friend Tony also recommended the Dyna 20x2. Would I not notice a difference if I went up to something like the xx-2?
Anyone else?
I prefer the Lyra (Delos, Argo) to the Dynavector XX-2. Compared to the
Lyras the Dyna is slightly veiled and dos not come close to the life,
dynamics, and resolution of the Lyras. Not that impressed with the Dyna
20-x at all either.
The AT33EV has already been recommended, and you might try the AT33PTG/II (a linear contact stylus as opposed to the EV's nude elliptical). The PTG has a much smoother treble that the 150, but tracking is similarly excellent. The caveat is that the compliance of these carts is not quite optimal for medium mass arms like the Rega so you have to be careful about isolation from footfalls.

If you really want to spend in the $1-2K range, I'd try to hear a Benz for a very different, less neutral sound than the ATs, with more vibrancy in the midrange.
Stanwal - “AT 33EV, I had both it and the Denon and sold the DL-S1.”

Interesting! What did you like better about the AT 33EV over the Denon?

I sell the Audio Technica AT-33EV and the Denon DS-S1 walks all over it.

No contest.
Demon 103r -- add the heavy weight balance in the rear and a few gram weight to the head, thereby changing the overall mass of the tonearm and you'll be in heaven for under $500.

I did the on an RB300 with incognito wiring...
Typo, ha! Auto complete on my iPad turned Denon into Demon. Worst part is I missed it.
I would first think about upgrading the phonostage. You would waist your money otherwise. If you want $1500 new cartridge you would want, say, $2500-$3000 new phono stage.
But frankly, if I were you I would replace the entire front end including phono and cables. You want a realy good sound and are prepared to pay for it. Then why not get it? Start with the phono and work your way up, or start with the table/arm and work your way down.
update- I put a deposit on Pete Riggles string theory arm. This will give me a couple of months to decide on a cartridge while it is being made. I am leaning toward a new Lyra Delos or a lightly used Helicon, Skala. Can't go wrong with a cartridge handmade by a Japanese master and his assistant right? Also like what i have read about the Transfiguration Phoenix. A phonostage upgrade could be in the future, but I think the Nighthawk is very good. My tt may sound modest, but it is highly tweaked with a new motor, spindle/bearing, copolymer subchassis, new pulley, lead mat, outer ring clamp, bren record weight etc.
I am currently using a ZYX 100 cart on an RB300. The arm is slightly modified (Cardas rewiring and bronze counterweight).

I can say the combination is very good on my Gyrodeck.

The ZYX beats all Denons I have tried on the same system, as well as a few Sumikos.
I agree with the Lyra Delos. I have one on my Rega P9 - a very easy combo to listen to. The build quality of the Delos is hard to imagine until you read the specs of how it is done by hand. And, the engineering behind the design is remarkably simple - why has it taken so long for this design to come forth?
I chickened out and picked up a lightly used Clearaudio Maestro MM cart.
Still plan on trying a Lyra Delos in the future.