Advice on desk speakers

I would welcome your advice/opinions on desktop speakers.  These would be placed on my desk on either side of my computer.  The desk sits at a right angle to the wall, so there would be nothing immediately behind the speakers.  My computer would be the source, possibly through a DC, then into the speakers.

My understanding is that this would be considered 'nearfield' listening.  My choices in music is generally blues, some jazz, and some classic rock.  Because these would be on a desk, I'd prefer something smaller.  Because of COVID (and the general lack of audio dealers in Phoenix), I haven't been able to audition anything in person.  I've listened to a lot of speakers via YouTube (which I know is flawed) and I'm interested potentially in KEF LSX, Dynaudio XEO 2, AirPulse A80, Vanatoo Transparent One Encore, or maybe the Totem Kin Play.  I don't need anything loud, as I will be sitting just a few feet away.  I generally try to buy things used (so the first buyer takes the depreciation) and my budget is less than $1000.

I'd appreciate any advice/opinions you might be willing to share.
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There’s a pair of Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus speakers on US AudioMart for $450 that sound outstanding in your setup IMHO.  They’re passive so you’d need to pair them with something like a PS Audio Sprout100 for amp/DAC, but it’ll sound fantastic.  Just another option, and best of luck. 
Just buy a set if ls 50 original version should be less than 1k the uniq still gives you a great soundstage on a desktop
I own the LS50W (orig version) and some Vanatoo Transparent Zeros. The LS50W are a much better speaker but personally consider them too large and overkill for a desk. You may not.

I use the Vanatoos on my desk and they work great for my needs. Tons of configurability, DSP, onboard DAC, easy sub connection if desired and active so nothing else needed. They sound natural to me and are an easy one size fits all solution. Obviously the newer One Encores will sound better than my smaller Zeros.   
I’m still using the 2.1 Dell Zylux (Logitech) A425 speakers that came with my PC way back in 2004.

I cannot speak highly enough of them.

They cost peanuts to pick up nowadays and they’re the one item I have not had the urge to ever update. It would be so easy to replace them, but I don’t believe anything that size can improve upon them.

The sub is a bit naff but it's needed and does a job. Recorded voices of family members are uncannily life-like through them.

I also have a set of the Spherex X-Box 5.1 speakers that Peter Aczel was so impressed by, but I don’t have the space under my desk to accommodate such a large subwoofer.
I bought a pair of small Wharfdale 210 model and connected it to a small tube amp with decent DAC.   I like the speakers because they are small and don’t overwhelm my desk.    
I use, and recommend, Gallo Strada's in my best desktop setup.  The 1st gen versions sell for under $1K, and you might be able to find a used 2nd gen for your budget as well.  Excellent near field imaging.  I've been using them for 5 years now with no desire to change after trying a number of options before them.