Advice on CD transport

Here’s the situation:

Am purchasing two channel integrated amp with built in DAC shortly (likely Hegel H390. Love the DAC section).  Big CD enthusiast and I’m looking for a great transport under the $1k range (used is more than acceptable).  My issue is buying a standalone transport is too rich for my blood so looking for a CD player with awesome transport. I hate paying for the DAC in it I won’t be using but such is being audio poor. 
I’ve always liked the Rega line but am wondering what anyone has found/used.  If you’ve got any helpful input without getting into DIY, please feel free to chime in. 
I feel the best built and best sounding under $1000 transport is the Theta Compli. Built like a battleship and super solid. You might be able to find one for around $500. Think the original price was over $2K. In 1990s dollars. Any used Oppo is quite good but does not compare. I use the Compli in my headphone system with a $20K tube DAC.
I have been happy with my Cambridge CXC into an Audio Note 4.1 DAC. I believe Cambridge occasionally offers refurbished CXCs on EBay, with factory warranty, for near half price. Quality transport at a great price.
The Audiolab 6000CDT worked great for me too. Paired with the PS Audio Stellar Strata.

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