Advice on CD transport

Here’s the situation:

Am purchasing two channel integrated amp with built in DAC shortly (likely Hegel H390. Love the DAC section).  Big CD enthusiast and I’m looking for a great transport under the $1k range (used is more than acceptable).  My issue is buying a standalone transport is too rich for my blood so looking for a CD player with awesome transport. I hate paying for the DAC in it I won’t be using but such is being audio poor. 
I’ve always liked the Rega line but am wondering what anyone has found/used.  If you’ve got any helpful input without getting into DIY, please feel free to chime in. 
I have enjoyed my CA CXC.

Matter of fact you can get the CXC *and* a Project Pre Box S2 DAC
for less than $1000 (as I did) and put more money into an amp without a DAC (which makes it easier to upgrade later) or use a vintage amp like my rebuilt Pioneer SA-9100.

I believe the Project is way better than most internal amp DACs.
Good luck!

The Marantz hd cd-1 is a steal at current prices. It is compact, beautiful with the wood sides, and it works wonderfully as a cd transport. The headphone amp built in is also very good. Music direct had it @$399. It is a $600 player. Marantz are well known for building very nice cd players/transports. Secondly, I would choose the audiolab cdt 6000. I own both, and feel they are equally good in their roles as a transport. 
I would agree with Towertone in 99% of the cases when you are using an internal DAC versus a stand alone. One of the only companies I feel that makes an incredible DAC for the integrated amps is Hegel. It does everything and has really good sound. I am a separates guy for the most part. Hegel is one company that does this extremely well. Also by getting an internal DAC you do not need to spend money on power and interconnect cables which can easily add $500 to the price. Nor do you have to spend the time figuring out which interconnects sound right with your system. This is a very common rabbit hole that can really get expensive.  With this setup you only need to add a something for streaming and you are ready to go. You already figured out the hard part of figuring what pre/ amp sounds best with your setup. The rest is really about money for the sources. It took me 20 years to lock in my power plant. 
I too have a Cambridge CXC v2.  $600 feeding a Bryston BDA-3 dac.
Sounds wonderful.  Hard to go wrong.
Here's a short vid on how to do a few tweaks, not parts changing, simple stuff virtually anyone can do.

OK OK the DAC costs $4000 so maybe it would make any transport sound better.  Maybe.

Good luck with your choice.