Advice on Cartridge and simple way to clean LP

It's been years since I have cued up an LP. Well, I finally have my rig hooked up. It is as follows -
- Cary CAI-1 Integrated Amp
- Rogue Audio Stealth Phono Amp
- Thorens TD-160 / SME 3009 S2
- JM Lab Electra 926 Speakers

I listen to Jazz, pop, alternative. I need to replace cartridge ($150-$200 price range). People have suggested AT-150 but can't seem to find these anymore. Any suggestions please. Additionally, can someone suggest a good ol fashion way to clean a record. Have read many threads here but all seem pretty elaborate. In fact, some of them made my head spin. I will eventually invest in a cleaning machine but that's down the road. In the meantime, i'm hoping I can do a pretty good job of cleaning by hand.
Try a $30.00 handheld 'steam cleaner' from Walgreens and some ultra pure water (Whole Foods sells this H20, bulk, cheap). It will not damage your records, it's easy to do; wipe off with microfiber terry cloths(from an auto supply store ot Ace hardware; can be cleaned and reused)and you'll have superb record cleaning. You can pretreat records with a record cleaning fluid if you like. I've tried various cleaning fluids and multi-fluid systems. The steamer works easiest and cleans best; get's 'em cleaner and quieter..
The Disc Doctor system works well and is about $80 for the cleaner and brushes. You'd just need to buy distilled water, toilet paper and a dish drainer. The instructions explain the procedure quite well.
just google, and you'll find that at150. the garrott bros k2 is around 200 and is available at the needle doctor, but the 150 is the ticket.
Toilet paper, what the hell is that for!? Trust me, I don't wanna know.

If it's for drying an LP, there's probably much better choices, some seem to like the micro-fiber cloths for wiping waters off an LP if you're going to do it manually.

Yes, Disc Doctor products are very good, I've used them for years, and there's nothing wrong with them at all, but Duane Goldman @ Disc Doctor has got me waiting a month already for some replacement velvet strips for my VPI RCM, and at this rate, I might be collecting SS by the time I get them. If you want his products, perhaps better to order through another Dealer who has his products in stock?

As for what Cartridge you ultimately wish to go with, if your Rogue is set up to showcase-compliment an MM Cartridge, then yes, the AT-150MLX would be an outstanding Cartridge to buy.

LP Gear normally carries these at $249 plus shipping, or JR Music had them at $249 shipping included.

Good scrubbing brushes, or brush pads will be a good investment, whatever way you decide to go.
I've never tried steam cleaning, some seem to say it's a very good way to clean, but I myself am leery letting heat of any form come near my records.

I'm from the camp that believes the groove is a very delicate thing, needing to be lovingly cared for, with nothing but the best products that man can make. Even if it's a $1.00 find from the thrifts. Money spent doesn't necessarily dictate that an LP is good.

I've got many $1.00-$2.00 LPs that outplay, and sound quieter than some $45 brand new ones.

As for waters for rinsing, the purer, the better, but manually flushing LPs with high grade pure waters can get expensive, as you're throwing a lot down the sink.
Been there, done that. Mark

fwiw a friend told me DD is located in St Louis and he had some severe flood damage to his shop which is probably the reason for the delay in shipping
People have suggested AT-150 but can't seem to find these anymore. Any suggestions please.

I've had mine since April, and the honeymoon is far from over. I LOVE this cartridge. Stupid good for $250. Replacement stylus for $179.95. Gives a disproportionately big taste of the high end at a mid-fi price and has high output to boot. Matched with a Cambridge 640p phono stage I get an s/n ratio in the neighborhood of 100 dB.