Advice on cables for Tannoy D500 powered by Sansui au-317ii

Dear all,
I am looking for cables to connect my recently acquired Tannoy D500 powered by a nice amp Sansui au-317 ii. The sound I have is very impressive, but I'm new to hi-fi and would like to test the limits of the quality that I can get with this system.
Can some of you give me advice on cables, length or other things I should keep in mind.
Thank you.
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What are you using now and what lengths are your current cables?
How many Interconnects? RCA or XLR? Price range? I have some ideas but need more data from you;>)
Thank you Tom for your help :)
I have the tannoys connected to the sansui with 2 cables of 4 metres of cheap QED (0,74mm2) white. They cost me 22€ or something in FNAC (
My RCA interconnects for the CD are those regular red and white found in my house from other gear, perhaps with 60 cms (6€ maybe).
My old Philips turntable has its own RCAs.
Any ideas on how to improve?
I forgot to mentioned that I intend to add to the system a chromecast audio (short cable with 3.5mm jack and RCA) and a 5 metres cable jack 3.5mm (male) and 2RCAs (male) to connect my macbook. Any hints on those?
TANNOY expressly recommends  Van Den Hul speaker cables with all their speakers. They even had their own TANNOY brand cables thst were rebranded VDH Inspirations.

 That's what they are internally wired with so it makes sense to continue the same sonic signature upstream.

Google which model has which level of cable in it.

thanks akg_ca. I will google those two hypotheses and report back 
Hi akg_ca,
I've made an intensive research on cables for tannoys and found a significantly impressive number of different views about  cables to connect the Tannoys to the ampli. 
However, I believe that given such a diversity of opinions the most reliable source was the Tannoy website, where we can read only tips about the gauge vs. length. Here it is:
"Recommended loudspeaker cableStaff, posted this on May 23, 2012, 15:52

Unfortunately we cannot recommend any specific brand of cable to use with any of our loudspeakers and always recommend consulting your local hi-fi dealer for more advice.

Always use the best quality of cable available within your budget. High quality audio signals passing from the amplifier to the loudspeaker are unusual in their demands on the cable. Wide dynamic range and frequency bandwidth information has to coesist with the ability to transmit peak currents of at least 10amps, without incurring any loss or signal impairment. This explains why the sound quality of the information reproduced by the loudspeakers is so dependant on the physical properties of the cables connecting them to the amplifier.

Technically, we recommend two-core cable with cross section area not less than 1.5mm (14 gauge) for cable runs of up to 3 meters. For longer lengths we would suggest that you use cable with a minimum cross sectional area of 2.5mm (12 gauge). We do not recommend the use of braided (Litz) or small diameter coaxial cables as these have a high capacitance that may affect the stability of certain amplifiers."

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