Advice on cables for Classe Sigma, Classe CAM 5300, Halcro DM78 & B&W 800D"s

Currently running AQ Redwoods from the Halcro"s and using a various mismatch of Van Den Hul interconnects from The Hill, The Rock and D102"s. I also use a PS Audio Direct Steam DSD DAC for 2 channel. The system is obviously a very honest and brutally revealing one. My dealer pitching Analysis Plus Big Silver with Silver Oval-in and/or the Solo Oval range. I want to clean it up but unfortunately can’t borrow enough of the same wire to fully make a decision.
Anyone else got a similar set-up or can give advice please?

Cheers from Australia.
Purist cables are my pick.  The Venustas cable is particularly awesome in the performance/dollar category!
Transparent is a natural, sonic match for Classe'
@ultrab Why not try a full loom of AQ ? You already are running Redwood on the speaker.  Perhaps maybe trying Wind or Fire for your interconnects.  
Playing with interconnects and speaker cables is fine but a word of warning with the Halcro amps.
I've had the DM10 preamp and DM58 monoblocks for nearly 10 years and they are mysteriously affected by after-market power cables. I have tried half a dozen different cables and especially on the power amps......the 'magic' of the Halcro sound is simply destroyed. It may be the reason for some poor performances at audio shows...?
Stick with the stock Halcro power cords and never waver...😎

I have never been impressed w/ Halcro amps.
I suggest you've never heard them properly set-up.....?

Thanks Halcro,
May I ask what you interconnects and wire you use in your system and what source(s) you use?

Hi ultrab,
you can see my Systems Page

Ultrab, are you using the Halcros in balanced mode or single ended?

Currently using Van Den Hul - The Hill Balanced 3m interconnects direct from PS Audio DSD DAC and in RCA from. Classe Sigma for HT.