Advice on buying good CD player that will outperform my Primare cd31

Hello everyone,
I'm currently thinking about changing the cd player and I would appreciate if someone has good advice on buying good red book player that will outperform my Primare cd31.
The budget is around 2000-2500eur and second hand devices are wellcome...
The rest of the system is integrated amp. Bladelius Thor mk3 novitas and Vienna acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand.
Why not buy a good transport and separate DAC?
I don't know, for that budget  I think it's better to buy a good integrated cd player but if you have some suggestions please let me know...I was thinking to try to find cd player which was new around 4000-5000 in second hand market
Woo top loader. Nuprime DAC 10. $2500 or so. 
What is it that you don't like with CD31?  It uses Burr-Brown PCM1704-K R2R D/A converters, very good indeed.  Newer CD players use Delta Sigma DAC. 

Since CD31 has AES digital output for connection to an external DAC, maybe you want to consider getting the recent discrete R2R ladder DACs, including those from China (Denafrips, Holo Spring, LKS).
Look into a second hand Esoteric player.  It will definitely be a keeper. 
Primare CD35, Bryston BCD-3, Marantz SA-10...
There was a DV60 for sale here for 1900, probably could get it for 16-1700. It was a 6K piece when new
I have had a Primare SP-31 for a couple of years now, and the DAC in this unit is outstanding, better than that of my Esoteric DV60.

Just FYI.


Rega does something that to my knowledge is unique among CD-player makers: it builds three matched laser mechanisms for every Isis. One is installed in the player, and the other two are stored at the factory. Should the original mechanism develop a fault, the company will always be able to provide precisely the right replacement. That’s taking customer service to a new level.
I purchased a “used” Esoteric K-05X a few months ago, and absolutely love it.
Alvin, at Vinshine, is a great guy but if you are in North America it is a whole other deal. 
I purchased a ps audio perfect wave dac w/bridge and transport for a little under 2000 and am very satisfied. I only had an old marantz CD player hooked up to an old audio alchemy dde v3 + dtiv2 for comparison. The ps audio gear is quite a bit smother and more analog sounding to my ears. On the other hand I rarely listen to it anymore after purchasing a VPI scoutmaster here, but still glad I have it and will eventually get in to streaming with it some day.
Wow, its a TEAC on steroids.. If you get one of these you in a whole other dimension of CD players... 
Opera Consonance Droplet valve cdp is an interesting player and very distinctive in looks and sound. They don’t come up much second hand, and are much sought after so good luck in a hunt for one.

I had a Primare Cd 31
The Ayre cx-7e was much better, fuller more meaty presentation with out missing any detail. try it it's a great unit.
Anybody try the Electrocompaniet emc-1up, it is older model but I heard that sounds fantastic!? Probably because there is Philips cd pro transport in it. 
Can it be compared with the new models(Ayre, Esoteric...) in terms of sound quality?
Minimalist Tube Guy Here:
So for openers, I'm tighter than bark on a tree.  My solution?  Buy a Music Fidelity V90 DAC; it was rated "A" by Stereophile until very recently.  It cost a scant $300; you'll have world class sound and avoid kicking the crap out of your credit card.
Hello miko67. If you haven't heard of Metronome, I recommend trying its CD players. The cheapest one that the company's website lists is Le Player 2 at around 4,800 Euros, so second-hand it ought to fall within your budget. Older Metronome players like the CD1 are still quite well regarded too.
@maritime51   What is you experience buying a Jays Audio CD player in North America? I’m interested in finding one. Thank you 
I bought an EX M1. Send me a pm. 
Just bought my second Marantz SA-11S3 for a second system.  These come up for sale every few months in the $2k-$2.4k range.  Love it.
Try Audionet ART G3  .
It still boggles my mind that people are willing to drop this amount of dough on a cd/transport in this day and age...
and if you simply must have one then try  this one for a fraction of the cost, and use the rest of the money for a DAC.

Cambridgeaudio CXC
I would recommend Onkyo C-N7050, it has a foot in both camps, being both a CD player and music streamer. A truly versatile bit of kit.
I am solidly in the "transport + DAC" camp these days.  The DAC in the Primare should be wonderful, so it may be you just don't like the flavor of the R2R DAC in the unit.  I would try out different DACs before I spent too much money on an all-in-one CD player.
The Marantz Reference SA-11S3 is an incredible sounding CD/SACD player. Had many  exotic type players over the past 30 years and the Marantz Reference SA11S3 sounds so accurate and natural. Built like a tank “38 pounds” . I am very happy with it. It saved me tons of money when selling my other players costing up to $25,000 in other digital setups.  In fact I would buy another Marantz SA-11S3 in a heartbeat for my secondary stereo system but they are so hard to find on the market in mint condition.
I have a Primare I32 and an EVS modded Oppo BDP-105D. It's a very nice combo; but I'd love to hear a Primare-to-Primare to compare.

Excellent suggestions as above. If you enjoy the Primare sound go for a CD35 player.  Keep me posted on the player(s) that you audition.

Happy Listening!
If possible I’d recommend auditioning the Line Magnetic LM-515CD. This fabulous CDP just replaced my longtime spinner of choice the venerable Linn Ikemi. At $2450.00 MSRP I consider the 515 to be an incredible bargain.
"Abstract" will be reporting soon on the Primare CD35 he just got.
miko –

I have been using an Electrocompaniet EMC 1-UP for over 15 years now, and remain very happy with it.

I have used it with Jeff Rowland Concentra and Accuphase E-303x amps, and with Green Mountain Audio and (now) Harbeth speakers.
Unison Research CDE with upgraded optional Dac. Big jump in sound quality over Primare cd31.
+1 Esoteric K-05X if you can afford one.
Apologies if this has been discussed before (as I’m sure it has), but with modern DACs containing asynchronous re-clocking (or cheap re-clockers like the iFi) why do we really care about expensive transports anymore?

I may not have accurately framed the issue and may have just spewed my digital ignorance here - just trying to learn.