Advice on budget amp.

Looking to add some power to the front to channels of my Rotel receiver by adding a separate amp. Looking at a used Acurus 150, similar Aragon, Parasound, or Rotel. Any opinions on these would be appreciated.
Not sure what you budget is, but I recently sold my BAT VK 200 ss amp for approx. $1100. It's a decent amp at the used prices. Also, there are plenty of options to pick up an older used ss amp from Classe, McCormack or Conrad Johnson for very reasonable prices. I'm not a big fan of the lower priced Aragon, Parasound or Rotel amps. You should be able to make a significant upgrade on the front channels of your Rotel receiver by going with an older ss amp that you can pick up for 30% of the original retail price. Good luck.
Art Sla 1 for $169 on Ebay. Killer 100 watt per channel amp. I mean killer. I have some posts here on the Gon about it. Before you spend anymore check it out.

for the same price range of the amps you listed as your choices you can buy many different pro amps that are as good or better (brand new) from your local guitar center store & get a 30 day no questions asked 100% money back gaurantee.

ive got 2 pro amps & they easily compare to alot of midfi amps & blow some high end amps ive owned out of the water.

look at crown & qsc amps.
Bigjoe, have you owned the Art sla 1 amp? I dont know of any pro amp that sounds as good for this litte. The Art Sla is as you say better than many midfi amps.

hi bill,i haven't tried the sla just yet,the pro amp im extremely excited about trying out right now is the crown master reference 2,i need to take my 1201's in to have the bulbs replaced in them as soon as the weather clears up(ive been lazy) & as a loaner amp my tech is going to let me demo the crown.

if the crown is as good as my tech says it is i will be rethinking the big monoblocks.