Advice on best small speaker for under $400 used

I have just started my search for the ultimate small speaker (shelf, micro, ?) for under "$400 used". Primary use is for audio in a small listening room, but may also be used for some DVD viewing on a plasma as well. The amp is nothing fancy ...a Yamaha RX-V800 (100W per). I have started looking at B&W DM303's, Epos M5's, Gallo A'Diva's, etc... The smaller the better, some nice bass potential (I don't want a sub), and I don't mind considering vintage. So, am I on the right track here? Any suggestions?
New Wharfedale 9.2 are in your range, sound very nice, look great, and have a lot of bass. I used mine with an old Brio amp and it was plenty.
The smaller you go, generally the less bass you'll get. I personally would look into Tannoy. I own the Fusion 1 and MX-M1. Very forgiving spks. that sound great. I'm driving them w/vintage Sony Int. amps in the 50w per ch. range. Another possibilty are older ADS spks. L400's. Good Luck. Bill
Usher S-520 has lots of personality. The bright colors are very attractive and finished superbly for the $$.
Cambridge Sirocco S30's sound fantastic and are very impressive for their size.
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Dynaudio Audience 52
B&W New 686 I lost 20 bucks to Carlos thinking a sub was already on. Do use a filled pair of leveled Stands and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Cheers Johnnyr
Guys ...great suggestions. Thank you. Now I have to do some more homework ...I guess that's the fun part! ...Simon
You might want to add the Energy RC-10 and NHT Classic 3 to your list.
From your description I think the Silverline Minuets would be an excellent fit. They're small, refined, don't require much power, and pump out an amazing amount of quality bass for their size. In short, they sound like good mid-sized floorstanders and image like demons. There's a sale pending on a pair here for $480, so if you're patient and can stretch a bit it's hard to imagine these would disappoint.

Best of luck.
I've seen a few used Era Design 4's go for just above your $400 limit. They are astoundingly good, but do need some juice to sing.
Triangle Titus Es. Much nicer IMHO than DM303 or DM601, can show off good amp and source. Small woofer so best in small room with good stands. One step up, the Triangle Com├Ęte is very highly regarded.