Advice on B&W Sig 30 purch.

I have an opportunity for a pair of B&W Sig 30 for around $2800. I've heard them before and I loved them, but it was several years ago and would like some advice as to how they would compare to newer models in that same price range. It seems like an excellent deal, and I'm replacing some P-6s. Should I pull the trigger or would I get better "newer technology" with a newer speaker in the $3000 range?
I can't answer the question, as I have not heard them in quite some time either. But I was lost when I heard them, and crestfallen that I could not afford them. Memory, notoriously inacurate, is that they were just fabulous!
Buy them!

I am too tired to write more now.

the silver signatures were/are great speakers- imaging especially is superb. and, the sig-30's add some bass to that already great performance. plus, they look stunning. at $4500 they'd be a good deal. the tweeter may be a little "bright" for some tastes, IF that's an issue for you. good acoustics, a good cdp, and a good amp help to tame that problem.
except... the latest diamond b&w's are probably better, but
they don't come cheap.
I have the Silver Signature 25's, and in all of these years have only JUST HEARD a speaker that I would be willing to sell mine for, the new B&W diamonds.

I've been looking hard these past few years because, like a car, I just wanted a change. But nothing I heard made me go beyond the 'Those would be nice to have!' to 'I want those speakers!' until I heard the new diamond's.

I actually had someone who knows John Atkinson tell me that if I ever wanted to replace the Silver Sigs to keep them and put them away because they are a classic. He said that John is one of the pickiest people he knows, and when he goes for something, it usually is something very special.

It sounds like you've got a great deal on your hands!!!