Advice on Arcam

Hello, I currently have a pair of Epos ELS-3 spkrs with a Nad 304 doing the power duties. I would like to hear from anyone familiar with Arcam (alpha) and if this amp would make a better match with my spkrs. The Epos Nad combo sounds really good but a audio buddy suggested I try Arcam. I know both units are a bit dated. Thanks and good listening.

I've owned the Arcam Alpha 9 and Alpha 10. I liked the 10 much more than the 9, but the 9 was certainly adequate. Unfortunately I can't tell how the Alphas will work with Epos since I've never heard the combo.

At the used price of around $500, I think the Alpha 10 is a great unit. However, you can also buy a Roksan Caspian Integrated amp for about that same price. I haven't personally heard the Roksan, but the A-gon'r that sold me one of the Arcams had replaced it with the Roksan and he thought the Roksan was a bit better. Personally, I think the Roksan is a better looking unit too...

BTW, what is your budget? Also, you might want to ask the question " Epos ELS-3 owners-What integrated amp do you like with the ELS-3s?". You might get a better suggestion......or not! The Arcam is pretty good....


Thanks TIC, Your advice and info are appreciated. Both the Nad and Alpha are dated pieces I know but the Nad sounds very good thus far. The quest continues---
My memory of the NAD 304 is that it was a lean sounding amp. An enjoyable amp, but so much better can bought used for just a few hundred dollars more. Not familiar w/the older Arcam Alpha int. amp but I've owned the the Arcam Alpha 10 and Alpha 5. The Alpha 10 is a better sounding amp. Much more refined. Also, it has a remote. I'd take the Arcam anyday over the NAD. Also to consider is the Creek 4330R/SE as well as the Jolida 1701 too name just a few.
I'm leaning towards the older Arcam because it's pretty affordable but not knowing the outcome makes me a little worried. What the heck I brought the 304 without hearing it. Stay tuned
You've got pretty good responses and I'll add a little of my own here. The ARcam ALpha 10 was my first integrated amp and having listened to the Alphas 8 & 9, the former is a better amp with greater dollops of power and refinement. However, I realized it was a bit of a cold fish after a while when I moved up the upgrade path. The Arcam was clearly lacking in dynamic swings when you needed it the most. Having said that, the ALpha 10 was still an excellent unit in some systems, and I believe it will be an improvement over your NAD.

Although I haven't listened to the Roksan Caspian, you might give it a consideration too as I've read it's a better-sounding amp than the Arcam.
Thanks Ryder, You know I have been giving thought to tubes again. I have had pre and amps that sported the glass bottles so I know what they are capable of. I however have to consider the tweak factor when it comes to the different sonic variations---it can get crazy.
My first audiophile system was an Alpha 5 CD, an Alpha 6 amp and EPOS ES-11 speakers. For the price was absolutely fantastic. I tested several speakers with the Arcams and the EPOS performed very well.
I'd go with Creek 4330R (one for sale now for ~$375).
Arcam is more laid back and polite. Creek more punchy and dynamic. Creek is voiced to match Epos speakers.
Audio Advisor is closing out the A50 line for $700 NEW. This was the successor to the 4330R.