Advice on AR The Complete with MSB Link

I'm putting together a system on a fairly slim budget. I found an AR The Complete for a good price and am about to pick up an MSB Link DAC III for cheap to match with one of those modded Aiwa CD changers rumoured about in various quarters. My concern is this combo of amp and DAC.

Is there a risk of excessive warmth and lack of detail, does it just depend on speaker choice (I'm leaning towards Meadowlark Kestrels), or am I worrying for nothing so I should grab the MSB Link?

Thx for any help.
I remember all the posts from 4-6 months ago, and for a short period the market was flooded with them at <$150. Then they just disappeared. What was the model # again?

How do they sound? Some people were claiming excellent results out of them stock. And what mods did you do?
The Aiwa XC-37M is supposed to be very similar to the XC-35M that was raved about. Stan Warren does the mods which include a plug connector on the Aiwa, cap upgrades and damping. I haven't got the changer yet so I can't report anything.
Zilch2, not sure what your budget is, but if you can stretch your budget to around $400 (used), the Aragon D2A MKII with the IPS external power supply sure did the trick in my office system (AR Complete, Dyanco CDP, Totem Rokk). Jeff
Thanks guys.

Jeffloistarca, I'll definitely look into the Aragon, thanks.