Advice on amp for music/Ht system

My system is as follows:
B&W N804s l/r and Htm1 c
B&W cdm-1 rear
velodyne cts-100 (movies only)
B&K avr-307 receiver
sound anchors
audioquest granite speaker cable
kimber hero ics
My question is, I am considering adding a seperate amp. I am thinking of keeping the receiver and just adding a 2 or 3 channel amp for up front.
I am considering plinius 8150, classe cap150, mf3.2. bel canto evo.
I would like to stay under the 2000 price range. Any sugestions on increasing the fidelity of this system would be welcome. I would like more 3 dimensional sound and more fidelity at lower listening levels.

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Need more details on your tastes. Do you like a little softer sound (tubes/class A), a littler more bite to your music, do you "rock" and how loud do you listen?
My taste in music is rock and folk. I am looking to get more detail, which I think means more bite.
My system now does not have that awsome soundstage that I was expecting, although with this setup I notice the quality of the recording. Some cds sound great others are so so. I listen to music at low levels as well as loud, but not at ear splitting levels. I am not interested in a tube amp.