Advice on amp choice for Martin-Logan Ascents....

I could use some advice on a nice amp match for my Logan Ascents. I am currently running a Rouge 66 Magnum tube for my front end, and a Shanling CD-T-100. Have been looking at Pass X150 or possibly an X250, and wonder if this combo is best for the Ascents. Any ideas....or suggestions?
I am currently running a AR VT-100 with my Ascents, excellent results! You might want to consider a VT-100, II or III very good tube amps.
ditto on tubes... VTL (warm), ARC (slightly cool), Conrad Johnson (warmer than VTL), or VAC (neutral warm)
Thanks guys....I am currently running Golden tube SE40'S set up in mono blocks driving the panels, with a B&K 2020 driving the woofers, but its missing something. Low end isnt that defined, and on some sources highs and mid sound perfect, but other times a bit grainy. I thought going with a more powerful solid state bi-wired would be an inmprovment. Maybe even in mono-block config(80w per) is a little on the weak side for the Logans?
I'd go with the higher powered VTLs... MB 185s should be great.
I use a Levinson 334, sounds very warm and pleasant; no glare, no edges.

Why not stick with Rogue, either the Stereo 90 or the M150 monos? I've got the Stereo 90 powering my Aeons and it sounds great. I'd also look at the CJ Premier 140, if you have the $$.