advice on amp - $3,500 maximum budget

I am looking to buy an amplifier that would be a good match in my system. My speakers are Sehring 703s. They are not well-known in the US, as they are German and primarily marketed in Europe. They are 86db sensitivity at 8ohms, but supposedly have a fairly stable/forgiving impedance curve, which means they are not that difficult to drive. My preamp is a Manley Shrimp. I live in a New York apartment and the amp has to go into a cabinet, so very heavy tube amps are out of the question. But I am looking for tube-like warmth/bloom. (FWIW, reviewers of the Sehrings say they sound best with tube amps.)

Right now, I am considering the following amps:
1. Music Reference RM-200 -- a hybrid tube amp that doesn't weigh too much or get too hot, 100w per channel. Some say it basically sounds like a solid state amp but has all the hassles associated with tube gear. Others say it sounds fantastic. Main concern is that Music Reference is a one man operation run by the designer, who is frankly hard to reach a lot of the time.
2. Blue Circle SB100S -- solid state, 100w per channel. This is the lowest end power amp Blue Circle makes. Reviews are generally good, but provide generic praise rather than incisive comments. I am a little concerned that I could get the essentially the same sound quality for less money from a bigger company.
3. Butler 2250 -- a powerful 250 watt hybrid amp. Provides a lot of power but also some valve warmth as well.
4. Bryston 4B-SST -- supposed to sound good and I like the idea of a 20-year warranty. Reviews suggest it may be a little bright/forward, which causes some concern. But value holds up well in the used market, so I could probably sell it without taking too big a hit if I don't like it.

Any thoughts on the relative merits of these amps and whether I have left off some obvious candidates in my price range? (I am trying to avoid Class D, although I do plan to audition a Bel Canto to see if my concerns about compatibiity with my speakers are misguided.)
I recently sold a pair of Joule Stargates- 35w monos, tube. Excellent amps, small and can fit in most racks. (I moved up to the Heavens Gates.)
There is a pair, 9/10, on Adgon at $3k.
For the price, these are contenders.
Any particular reason you started a new thread asking the same question you posted in another thread yesterday?
Clio09, I am not sure why two threads were posted, but it was not intentional on my part. (I would not have typed out the same first entry twice, as it is fairly long.) If this thread can be deleted, that would be fine with me.