Advice on a Used speaker, Budget $4500

I just sold some of my speakers to thin the heard and try to step up to a better speaker.  I sold Kappa 9s, Dunlavy SCIVs, and Infinity QLS1s.  All of these were very good but I did not use them much.  In my mind I want to get either a Dunlavy IVa or V.  I am looking for a good all around speaker that does it all well, I know some speakers can do certain things better, but lack in other areas.  That is why I want the V's,  it is well known to do it all well.  It is supposed to have a nice balance.  The only thing that worries about the V, is some people say it takes allot of power and I may not have the amp for it.  I sold the IV's due to the lack of bass.  I know my room was part of the bass issue and I am in the process of having a professional help me get my room dialed in.  I listen to all music, but if I had to choose a preference it would be classic rock and blues rock.  I do love crisp vocals and if I had to pick a favorite instrument to listen to it would be the piano.  I know I like classic rock but then list the piano,  go figure.  By the way my room is very big around 500 sqft and has 8ft ceilings.  It is a basement man cave that my wife lets me do what I want with.

Here is some of the equipment I can use to power my speakers.
two Mcshaned Citation IIs
Two Mcintosh MC30s
A sumo nine
a Pass labs X250
Citation I preamp
Juicy Music Blueberry
The Dude pramp
Pass Labs X one

As you can see I have a variety of choices to work with because each speakers likes something different and it is fun to experiment with.
I would love to hear some opinions on what to look at.

Live is too short not to have great bass in your listening room. Getting a pro's help is a great idea.  GIK Acoustics will also do remote consulting for you.  If you are loathe to do any tone changes to your mains, having one or two subs which you can DSP in a well treated room is nirvana.  Figure out how you'll do that first, because you may do very well with very good 2-way systems.  In a well tuned room, 2 ways sound much bigger and dynamic than they have any right to otherwise.

Having said that, rock often benefits from a 3-way system. The midrange gives you more headroom and can sound more lively.

You need to fill us in on your room size, and usual speaker placements though. Still, my go-to mid-price speakers is always Monitor Audio, but I also like Lawrence. Lawrence may be too neutral for you though.

What about some gently used JBL monitors? Definitely the right sound for rock. :) 



There is a pair of Vandersteen Quatros for sale here now in your price range if you can't find the Dunlavys you're looking for.  Pretty close to full range with built-in powered subs so shouldn't be too taxing on your amps I'd think.  Excellent mids and superb soundstaging.  Best of luck. 

ProAc studio 148s new. Great 2.5 way narrow tower speaker that goes deep with its flexible placement downward firing port. Many say the ProAc studio 125s get the classic rock midrange so right. I had a used set of 125s in my room while my 148s were being shipped and I think the 148s have the same great mids and highs clarity but have better bottom end. I use mine with the Soundocity SEV9 outriggers. You should be able to get the whole package for less than $3500. 
Finding a pair of used VMPS RM40 speakers would be a fine all round speaker.  They are similar sized to the Dunlavy's.  Great clarity, dynamics, soundstage and bass.  You can find them anywhere from $2200-3500 depending on the upgrades it has.  I drive them with an Edge M6 at 120 watts per channel.
Get some sc-iv A's   but figure out your room.  I have iv and V both pairs as i can't seem to bring myself to sell either.  The IV's in my room have plenty of low end. The v's are a little too much low end.  Room is 18x18 with 10 foot ceilings concrete loft.
Have shag carpet on the concrete floor and back and front walls /corners are treated.  I find the dunlavys to prefer heavy gauge wire in my system
At a $4500 price point why buy something used? Get a new pair of GoldenEar Triton 2+. In fact you may be able to persuade your dealer sell a new pair of T1s at $4500.
Dear Gods, Tritons?  What a hard and merciless treble.

Listen to them for yourself, but the only time I heard these I thought the dealer was trying to run me out of the room.

They run along with the Triangle and older Thiels for a treble with murderous intent in my book.  However, for some they may be ideal, only your ears can judge.
Odyssey Audio Kismet

Beryllium, ScanSpeak, what's not to like?

Erik, seriously? You mean hundreds (not dozens or even scores, but hundreds) of dealers, professional reviewers, GET customers, potential GET customers and another category I' sure I'm forgetting are "wrong" in their assessment of the Triton line? PUUUUHHHHLEEEEEEZZZZZZZ

I won't debate this with you as you're certainly entitled to your opinion. As am I :)
So many great choices with that budget,  patience always pays off when buying used.  When I have a decent sum of money to spend on something I always look at it without cash on me, a pocket full of money can cloud my judgement .  If it was meant to be I will return with cash.....
Yep, Triangle and older Thiels got the same reception.  I certainly could not understand it.

Most importantly, I would not put these speakers as one's I would recommend without a long listening period.  Of course, it's your money, spend int to make yourself happy, and I'll do he same. :-)


FYI, a nice pair of SC IVas recently came up for sale in the Houston area $800 under your price target. 
Rock?  Something from the JBL synthesis line-up and a nice subwoofer for a big room.