Advice on a streamer

I'm starting to look into a dedicated streamer.  Recently, the CD's have been gathering dust while I hook up an ipad with the headphone jack to the preamp listening to youtube the majority of the time, and I'm ready to upgrade from that.  I have about 300 - 400 CD's that would be nice to rip to a server with some sort of loss-less format.  I'm still on the fence about that...nice to have, but I'm not completely sold on this yet (meaning that I probably won't buy any more CD's, so whatever I rip will be a one time thing (granted a long thing, but whatever)).  So if I sacrifice sound for ripping, then forget it.  I'm also a cheapish bastard that's not willing to drop a ton of money on a streamer. 

My current system is:
Marantz SACD SA8005
Krell KSP 7B (sometimes switched with a Berning TF10)
Mcintosh MC275
B&W 683

I've been looking at Cambridge audio and Cocktail Audio for streamers. I know the Bluesound Vault 2 would do the job, but, for what I've gathered, the sound quality just isn't up to par.  From what I've been reading, I will likely get Qobuz, as it seems to get more positive reviews than the other services.  

My budget is between $1000 - 1500 with some flexibility.  One key component is the thing that we both like and feel it would fit in with our system is a small screen on the streamer that displays the album art (I know we should base it on sound and sound alone, but damnit, it's 2021!  I want great sound and good looks!).  That's why I'm leaning toward the Cambridge audio CXV/851N or one of the Cocktail Audio ones.  I do not have a dedicated DAC unit and would prefer not to purchase one.  

Last item to throw out there.  I would to take the streamer (well, more specifically a hard drive with my music on it) to a cabin where I don't have internet access.  Do these/any streamers work well without internet access to see or pull up music from a hard drive on my phone using an app through bluetooth (does that make sense?)

Does anyone have experience or suggestions on the ones I'm looking at or others I haven't suggested?  Thanks!   
I’m using a Node 2i(with Qobuz through BluOs) but what kicked performance up many notches was replacing the stock Power Supply Interface(and figure 8 power cord/stock power supply) with a PD Creative PSU interface upgrade and an SBooster LPS. And I use a Vertere Acoustics Redline power cable.
All going through a Canare LV-61S 75 ohm dig coax(soon to be changed to a Townshend digital cable with NPS-1260 contact enhancer) into a Classe SSP-800 DAC(through Model 12 monoblocks/Mezzo Utopia’s).

I was listening to Miles Davis Ascenseur pour l’echafaud last night on the Node and Mile’s trumpet pierced right through my ears with incredible depth and leading edge. The Node can be an excellent streamer. Is there better. Undoubtedly. But how much $ to jump significant levels I would like to know; maybe to be considered. But the Node with upgrades($500 cost) performs way over its $500 price point.

Admittedly I'm biased, but I think hands down the best choice would be the miniDSP SHD. This will allow you to build a setup with any laptop or PC running JRiver, which is a spectacular way to rip and collect your significant CD collection.

Once your CDs are ripped into the JRiver platform, you'll be able to bit perfect stream from RAM and then out the USB into the XCore-200 receiver that resides in the miniDSP SHD. Once there, you'll have full access to Dirac Live room correction, as well as other numerous parametric equalization functions. Finally, the AKM DAC chipset and audiophile-grade analog output section put the SHD in a class that is competitive with units costing many times more.

i too have recently purchased a IFI Zen Stream and can attest to its sound quality.  however i am experiencing some connection issues with Tidal.  its a new product and i am sure that IFI will find a firmware update, so i will soldier on. its that good. very quiet noise floor. i am going to see if  upgrading my service plan to 100mbps. ethernet cable to cat. 8 and router will solve this.
Be advised, the mini DSP advertises AirPlay compatibility, but it doesn’t work with AirPlay 2

3/2/2022- I just heard about Audirvana and it sounds great from my PC laptop to DAC.  I really like it. 

In another room I have a Raspberry Pi, waiting for the Digione Signature. Will I be able to send Audirvana to the RPi and play through Volumio (without needing to purchase the Volumio premium) to my other DAC?  I am confused on how this works, thanks in advance for your help.