Advice on a streamer

I'm starting to look into a dedicated streamer.  Recently, the CD's have been gathering dust while I hook up an ipad with the headphone jack to the preamp listening to youtube the majority of the time, and I'm ready to upgrade from that.  I have about 300 - 400 CD's that would be nice to rip to a server with some sort of loss-less format.  I'm still on the fence about that...nice to have, but I'm not completely sold on this yet (meaning that I probably won't buy any more CD's, so whatever I rip will be a one time thing (granted a long thing, but whatever)).  So if I sacrifice sound for ripping, then forget it.  I'm also a cheapish bastard that's not willing to drop a ton of money on a streamer. 

My current system is:
Marantz SACD SA8005
Krell KSP 7B (sometimes switched with a Berning TF10)
Mcintosh MC275
B&W 683

I've been looking at Cambridge audio and Cocktail Audio for streamers. I know the Bluesound Vault 2 would do the job, but, for what I've gathered, the sound quality just isn't up to par.  From what I've been reading, I will likely get Qobuz, as it seems to get more positive reviews than the other services.  

My budget is between $1000 - 1500 with some flexibility.  One key component is the thing that we both like and feel it would fit in with our system is a small screen on the streamer that displays the album art (I know we should base it on sound and sound alone, but damnit, it's 2021!  I want great sound and good looks!).  That's why I'm leaning toward the Cambridge audio CXV/851N or one of the Cocktail Audio ones.  I do not have a dedicated DAC unit and would prefer not to purchase one.  

Last item to throw out there.  I would to take the streamer (well, more specifically a hard drive with my music on it) to a cabin where I don't have internet access.  Do these/any streamers work well without internet access to see or pull up music from a hard drive on my phone using an app through bluetooth (does that make sense?)

Does anyone have experience or suggestions on the ones I'm looking at or others I haven't suggested?  Thanks!   
Any recommendation on software for ripping the CD's?
I used dbpoweramp from recommendations here.  Easy to use and I think a 21 day free trial.  I ripped over 400 cd's in less than a week in my spare time.
Tinear123 got it right!  Buy an Innuos ZenMini and upgrade the power supply at your earliest convenience.  Fantastic for the money.  Can use Innuos own platform or works great as a Roon Core.  Automatic CD ripping-5 minutes/disc.  Even has a built in DAC (holds it’s own against entry level DACs) but most importantly, upgrade to the external power supply ASAP.  

I love reading the submissions posted on AG, but it seems at times it's a competition about what is owned, or a perception of the components performance, a reference to the red book, or very much the geographics of the OP, which means what brands are favourable, familiar or pushed by enthusiastic AG contributed (like me).

I think It is great to research the “local” equipment being US, UK, EU, AUS and I apologise to all the other fabulous creators of audio equipment that compete globally with such wonderful electronics.

Which is the best streamer? The one that suits your budget and sound acceptance.

I would love to have the budget for some!

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I have the CNX V2, to me, it's the best thing since sliced bread. Currently,  in that system I'm all digital with my Qobuz subscription.  If you have analog components,  you'll need to step up to the 851N. I was able to get my CNX V2 refurbished from Cambridge with the full warranty for $700 last Xmas. Preamp, DAC and Streamer and sounds great!!!