Advice on a streamer

I'm starting to look into a dedicated streamer.  Recently, the CD's have been gathering dust while I hook up an ipad with the headphone jack to the preamp listening to youtube the majority of the time, and I'm ready to upgrade from that.  I have about 300 - 400 CD's that would be nice to rip to a server with some sort of loss-less format.  I'm still on the fence about that...nice to have, but I'm not completely sold on this yet (meaning that I probably won't buy any more CD's, so whatever I rip will be a one time thing (granted a long thing, but whatever)).  So if I sacrifice sound for ripping, then forget it.  I'm also a cheapish bastard that's not willing to drop a ton of money on a streamer. 

My current system is:
Marantz SACD SA8005
Krell KSP 7B (sometimes switched with a Berning TF10)
Mcintosh MC275
B&W 683

I've been looking at Cambridge audio and Cocktail Audio for streamers. I know the Bluesound Vault 2 would do the job, but, for what I've gathered, the sound quality just isn't up to par.  From what I've been reading, I will likely get Qobuz, as it seems to get more positive reviews than the other services.  

My budget is between $1000 - 1500 with some flexibility.  One key component is the thing that we both like and feel it would fit in with our system is a small screen on the streamer that displays the album art (I know we should base it on sound and sound alone, but damnit, it's 2021!  I want great sound and good looks!).  That's why I'm leaning toward the Cambridge audio CXV/851N or one of the Cocktail Audio ones.  I do not have a dedicated DAC unit and would prefer not to purchase one.  

Last item to throw out there.  I would to take the streamer (well, more specifically a hard drive with my music on it) to a cabin where I don't have internet access.  Do these/any streamers work well without internet access to see or pull up music from a hard drive on my phone using an app through bluetooth (does that make sense?)

Does anyone have experience or suggestions on the ones I'm looking at or others I haven't suggested?  Thanks!   
I’m about to list a mint condition Cambridge Audio CXN V2 if your interested.  Would be under your $1000 budget, and it sounds great for the price. It’s black which they don’t offer anymore.  It was a great “starter” streamer, loved all the features, and even used it as a preamp when my Audio Research was in the shop.  Only selling it because my brother is giving me his Lumin, he’s done with digital and going all in with turntable/vinyl.

Just use a raspberry pi. Seriously why waste money on tech that gets outdated every year. I have three and love them. If you want a dac included then get the audiophonic raspdac. Sound is equal to the denafrips ares. No lie about that. I did a video on vinyl vs digital and used the raspdac with the denafrips. Save yourself a ton of money and get pi streamer 
I have a Audio Cocktail X45 and a Cambridge 851N, in two separate (very good) systems. Each for a different individual purpose but both have excellent streamers. The 851N is slightly more mellow than the X45 but the clarity of both is excellent. I don’t know the the latest dedicated streamers from each manufacturer but the Cambridge or Audio Cocktail would serve you well. Put a gun to my head to choose between a the latest node 3, (I had a node until it froze), the Cocktail, or the Cambridge (sorry, I haven’t heard the others), I would go for the Cambridge. It has a real quality sound.
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@3371jason  - What OS do you use on your Raspberry Pi? Just curious. I have 2, one with a DAC hat and one without. They sound good, but I don't love the OS. Last one I used was Moode.