Advice on a speaker system

Please assist on speaker selection:

I read through some of the corresponce and found a similar inquiry to mine, but...

I am considering acquiring the following for a surround system:

- Rotel RSP 976
- Rotel RB 1066
- Rotel RT 950
- Rotel RLC 900
- Rotel RDV 995

But I am unsure as to the speakers, for which I need a

Option 1:
- 2 pair -Definitive Technologies PRO mon. 100
- 1 DT PRO C@, center
- 1 DT PRO SUB 200
Option 2:
- 5 PSB Alpha Intro CLR's
- 1 PSB Stratus Subsonic 3i, 15" Sub.

Option 3:
- Your recommendation.

I have listened to both briefly @ hi end shops without true in depth appreciation.
The PSB's seem at first sight to be better made in the aesthetics dept.

These speakers are for wall/ceiling mounting due to the room

Please advise. I really depend on expert's advise in order to avoid a costly mistake.

I had considered the Energy Encore system (would this be a better choice ?) I was told, it
is inferior to the above listed.
I liked the the Sonus Faber entry line paired w/ a Paradigm
PW2200, but it is too pricey; Is it worth the effort ?.

In advance I thank and welcome recommendations.


Rick O.
Miami, FL
Hi Rick.....I can't see you could go wrong with the PSBs Also right there in quality,and price, would be the NHTs Either would be good for the price point.--and resalable when/if you get ready to move up.
Thanks AVguygeorge:

Any info. helps... Definitive Tecnologies is all over the mags... I reaserched their webpage... and the comparable
systems seem pretty good... this, since you did not mention anything about the brand... which one would you buy ?
In a second system I have the PSBs,--all around.And not bad. I have the older Alpha 500s for the fronts. Lots of bass as a sub wouldn't be suitable *here*.
Please define what you consider ""best". In a combo surround/two channel system, there are many tradeoffs to make.

Is two channel sound reproduction your most important priority, or is it the surround sound potential?

Do you favor detail and ultra smooth highs over dynamics? (Surround systems usually are considered more exiting with the latter charactaristic, with high end two channel systems favoring the former charactaristic first)

Do you have a surround system where the left and right speakers will be away from the rear wall? (In two channel sound, this parameter will determine how bloated and tubby the bass is, and how open the midrange will sound. Some speakers are more critical than others to near wall placement, but virtually every speaker will improve sonically, if they moved away these boundry reinforcements)

How far apart are your left and right speakers? (In two channel sound, every speakers' imaging will dramatically benefit from optimum spacing based on trial and error, not a specific set distance, as is the case in so many surround system set-ups. In my opinion, when the left and right channel speakers are too close together, this can be "the death" of their ability to throw a decent image whatesoever)

The above inquiries are just some of the pertinent questions that I feel you need to address, if you also require this surround sytem to be capable of producing "sit down and be there" two channel sound, that the rest of us are trying to achieve.