Advice on a new cartridge for Pro-ject XperienceII

Hi All,
I've got a cartridge conundrum. I'm looking for a detailed, below $400 cartridge for my Pro-Ject Xperience II. The rest of my setup includes NHT Classic 3 speakers, a Creek 5350SE Amp, and the Pro-Ject Tube Box II, which imparts a warm character to the sound. The Creek and the NHT's are relatively neutral, which is something I like quite a lot. Overall, I'd say I'd generally looking for warmth, but detail, detail, detail is what I'm interested in.

The current cartridge on the 'table is a Sumiko Pearl, and it sounds muddy, bloated, and I'm getting horrible IGD.The highs are very harsh, and it feels I'm listening to the record through gauze. I've gotten some better results with increasing the downward tracking, but I'm still not getting the results I know these Classical symphonic LP's I listen to can deliver. Are there any ideas out there?

My short list includes
Grado platinum
Audio Technica 440mla (is this really that good?)
Goldring G1042, etc.

But i'm very open to suggestions.