advice on 5.1 or 7.1 pre/pro

i would like some input in helping decide which pre/pro to choose. i'm looking for something in the 2-3k range, would like to have comp. video switching. i currently have an earthquake cinenova 5-channel amp, this does not have balanced inputs so that will not be a factor in the pre/pro.
any advice or experience anyone has had would be greatly appreciated.
also, i have def tech bp3000 and clr 1000's as speakers
In the way of a general, not specific recommendation:

If good surround envelopment is a priority, and your room does not have a physical limitation to a 7.1 speaker array, then I recommend getting a 7.1 PrePro with DPLIIx and / or Logic7, not a 5.1 PrePro.

Anthem AVM20
Factory upgraded Acurus Act 3 to Aragon Stage One status. I've one, and its simply superb!
7.1, DPLII, flexible adjustable bass mngment (40=125hz),8 channel throughput, direct analog in's, etc! And it's as dynamic and uncolored as I've come across! Definiltey more dynamic than even the Krell. Very nice...if you can find one

Does it have DPLII, or DPLIIx? If its DPLII, I'm curious to know how it does 7.1.

As for differences between DPLII and IIx, you'd have to do some research on those differences. The DPLII is good indeed, and the pre/pro IS INDEED 6.1/7.1, whatever. It's got channels for rear sides and rear back, or 7 channels plus sub, as does the Aragon Stage One. You might read reviews on the ergonomics of that piece. As for sound quality, this unit is better!! I doubt you'll find much it's superior, and none better dynamics-wise, for certain.
As for DPL and such however, I don't hesitate to listen in 2.1 if needbe personally. I prefer quality over quantity as a rule, and like little processing personally. Still, in 7 channels, the DPLII on this unit sounds great!