Advice on 3 different system combination

Hi guys, Here are 3 different systems that i've put up together from reasonably priced to very expensive.
The speakers don't change, the source is only network streaming for high res files at the moment.
Room size is 15'x21' long.

System n° 1 : ASR Emitter II Exclusive
Ayon S5 network player
Thiel CS 3.7

System n° 2 : Karan KAS 600 stereo amp
Karan KAL Reference MK3 preamp
Ayon S5 network player
Thiel CS 3.7

System n° 3 : Karan KAS 600 stereo amp
VAC Signature MKIIa preamp
MSB Diamond DAC IV Plus with network renderer
Thiel CS 3.7

Please comment if you have any experience with this gear.
Would system n° 3 be a significant upgrade compared to system n° 1 or would the price difference not be worth it ?
Any advice, comments and gear suggestions are welcome.


I do not have experience with the other components you have listed but I do like my Ayon S-5.

In constructing my systems I have always tried to take a balanced approach to the components included in the audio chain and would instinctively consider your combination No. 3 particularly at odds with that approach.

Best wishes as you build your system,

I love my speakers, i don't plan on changing them sorry if it's not your taste!
Why sorry? You ask for opinion and not my money.

Why not apply the same methodology in choosing components as speakers? Buy what sounds best to YOU or otherwise you will feel sorry again.

Keep ME posted. Just ME and only ME!

Your speakers are a very hard load for an amp, looking at the Stereophile tests. They need an amp that can give high current into 2ohm loads, it would be better to find an amp that can almost quadruple it's 8ohm wattage when it's driving 2ohms.
Neither of the two amps you mention seem to able to do this,they will work, but there maybe better out there, that can come closer to quadrupling into 2ohms.

Cheers George