Advice needed on line conditioners

I am looking for a line conditioners which can handle my high power amp, i guess I'll need a unit which supports 2400W.

Does anyone have any good value for money suggestion ?

The advertised ones are very expensive, and I believe they are worth very little in reality.

Thanks !
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I agree with Sutts 100 percent.
Rick, you believe "they are worth little in reality?" Your statement confuses me, but I can tell you the Audio Magic line will show you the light. I've gone from their Stealth, to the Matrix and now; to the Eclipse. Wonderful imrovements each step of the way. Worth every dime at each level.
I've a maxed out BPT 2.0, absolutely love it in my system and it is worth the relatively high price. However, if you're looking for something less expensive to try (not all locations apparently benefit) then check out the OneAC's on Ebay. They are excellent iso transformers, just not balanced and utilitarian ugly. A CP-1115 (12a) can be had for $100 or so.
Consider the Running Springs Audio DUKE.

Perfect for high current amps and it includes a custom RSA/Cardas Golden Reference 20a power cord.
Thanks for all the advice !

Warrenh is right, my earlier statment "they are worth little in reality"... is wrong.

From looking at the BPT website, I'd say they're worth the money using Piltron transformers and all. I was under the impression that some of these conditioner are simply a fancy powerbar. But it looks like there is more to it than meets the eye.

Further recommendations would be greatly appreciated !
Hey Y'all,

I use a tricked out BPT 2.5 Ultra but I do not have my amps connected to it. I found my amps work better plugged straight to the wall. I've also found that my video performance has not been as good since I had a Richard Gray 400s. The video is not bad with the BPT but I've found the RGPC is better for the picture.........John
I have a BPT 3.5 Sig and love it. Buy one now!! No Shunyata Hydra 8! No Monster, no Ps Audio, no to anything else!
You first need to ask yourself; Do I want a power conditioner to act as a band-aid (by coloring the sound) for my system or do I want a power conditioner to protect my components, provide voltage stabilization, and lower my system's noise floor. If you want a PLC for the latter then I really think you should look into Running Springs Audio products. I own three Haley's and love them! Their products do not color the sound nor do they limit dynamics. They are also sanely priced.