Advice needed for Van den Hul amp.

I have a pair of M-1 Van den Hul amps. They have been sitting on a shelf for more than 15 years and now I've decided to use them with my freshly tubed Van Alstine preamp. When I'd originally got these I had them on display at the Chicago area audio store where I used to work. One of them seemed to have a gremlin in it and blew fuses. I contacted Van den Hul and they instructed me to send it to them for inspection. I did, and I got a message from them, I believe from Mr. Van den Hul himself, saying the amp was fine and what was I doing putting fast blo fuses in it they're supposed to be slow blow. The amp of course didn't say what kind of fuses they were supposed to be, and I had never seen 20mm slow blows before. Long story short, I eventually took them home with me and put them on a shelf. Now when I fire them up one of them blows fuses again. I got slightly bigger fuses, 4A instead of 3.5 amp to see what that would do, and they didn't blow, but the amp never comes out of protection. So I'm looking for somebody U.S. based that can look at it for me.

This being a high end product, it has a slightly weird design. Instead of regular output transistors, which only a few in number, this uses tiny fuses in an array, 64 I believe, per channel. Since these are the mono version these are wired together. I don't know if it will make troubleshooting more complicated but I would hope I can find somebody with the experience to take a experienced look at it.

Any suggestions to follow up on would be appreciated.