Advice needed for new HT receiver/amp

I have decided to take the plunge ... bye to my ole 36"CRT ... Decided on Sony 52" Bravia XBR. I have a Denon AVR 1803 which has suited me well, but the 1080P screen will require more than my Denon has to offer .... no HDMI! 5.1 suits me fine (currently two rear Paradigm TITAN 15-100 Watt speakers, two Paradigm PHANTOM 15-150 watt speakers, one center channel Phase Technology TEATRO 6.5, and one sub-woofer Phase Technology 12B). I do not have a High Def DVD as of yet, that will come. Would a single receiver/processor and one, perhaps two, amps be the way to go as opposed to upgrading the Denon I have???? I want a really good movie experience ... usually watch TV w/o use of receiver as of now ... no probs changing my ways if need be. Occasionally used as audio only, but rarely. I figure approx $3000 for Sony LCD and would like to keep budget under $3000 for new receiver or processor and amps. Any help or advice much appreciated .... thanks .... Patrick
I mostly listen to 2 channel, but wanted surround sound for movies, SACD and DVD-A. I chose an Onkyo SR-805 as a processor and run the pre-outs to separate amps. I has worked flawlessly since it was installed. Nary a hiccup. I also use a tube pre with HT bypass. I think the 805 is a steal and has HDMI 1.3, 3 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output and many adjustments. It would function fine using the other channels that are built in, and 3 better amps for L-C-R channels. Also the street price is about $900 and I understand it is manufactured in Japan which may give it some quality edge over the Chinese units. Just a thought.
Since you are not seeking really high performance for 2-channel operation, I would suggest going with a Surround Sound Receiver (Denon, B&K 502 S2, others). You can get a very good used one for well under your budget. At your budget, I just don't think you are going to see a whole lot of improvement by going to a seperate pre/pro and amp(s). Additionally, the receiver approach is looked upon very favorably for wives and kids that may also be looking to use the system.

As for a high definition DVD player? Get it now and get an Oppo. With your budget you can get a good receiver and for about $250 more get the top of the line Oppo for well under your budget. I recommend running the Oppo's HDMI directly to the TV, but I guess this depends on the number of video sources you have.
Does the Denon have 5.1 inputs (and your dvd player 5.1 outputs and the appropriate processing)? If so, just run the 5.1 cables and no need for a new receiver.

There is a Rotel 1057 receiver on ebay for a reasonable price right now (not mine), but I believe its HDMI inputs/outputs are 1.1, not 1.3.

Good luck.