Advice needed for new bedroom amp/preamp

For years my bedroom setup has been a B&K AVR305 driving a pair of ACI Emerald LE's and an ACI Force sub. This has been a wonderful match and I was more than pleased.

About 2 weeks ago I decided to re-do the HT and moved the B&K out of the bedroom and into the HT, selling the old HT receiver. I had lined up a replacement 305, but the seller just called to say he lost his job and is refunding my money.

I had originally gone for the 305 because I didn't want to mess with successes. However, I really only need (or use) 2.1 channels in the bedroom, and have no need of video switching. I'm only able to find part time work, so cost is a concern - $500 or less for amp/pre or integrated receiver. Sources are: CD/DVD transport, phono (I have a phono pre amp, so built in not required), mixer/audio workstation (with digital outs), tape deck.

Where the AVR made sense was the built in DAC's, programmable notch filter (for room tuning), and a remote. The extra channels were unfortunately wasted.

Good and affordable power amps don't seem to be a problem, but are there pre-amps or receivers that would be a better fit for my application than the 305?

for a music-oriented system, you might consider a garden variety nad, cambridge or rotel integrated and an inexpensive separate dac such as entech or amc--you should easily find such gear within your budget. i believe your speakers are small and shouldn't require a ton of power. i am a big fan of b&k avrs (i still regret selling mine), but i think you'd find the integrated/dac route a more natural presentation.