Hi GONers:

Just took delivery of a pair of PSB Stratus Silver i's. They are about 4 years old, mint condition. Seems FedEx damaged one tower (there's a small ding at the top back corner). When I place my finger on that speaker's bass driver rubber surround, it seems there is very little (if any) movement/vibration. This is not the case with the other speaker which moves as expected.

Does this sound like a damaged driver to you? If so, any ideas about repair process? Is this something I could replace myself? Any help/advice/experience welcome.

Best, JIM.
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Thanks Viridian, for your thoughtful response. I have contact FedEx to start the claims process and the seller and PSB. Fortunately, I have before pictures from the seller that show the speaker in perfect cosmetic for PSB, they will repair the speaker at their usual repair rates, but can only touch up the finish on the ding, as they do not stock replacement casing parts for these towers. I have a mind to unscrewn the driver myself and see if the connection wires are loose, but I'm concerned about any glue or adhesive that may be holding the driver in place -- don't want to make things worse. But I also don't want to ship the speaker out to PSB if it's something simple that I could do at home. If you have any other advice in this regard, I'd love to hear back from you.

Thanks again.

Best, JIM.
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Marty, many thanks. I'll give the PSB folks one last call before I 'crack' open my speaker. And, I think your advice was worth much more than what I paid for it.

All the best,