Advice Needed Connecting Mixer to Audio Interface & Headphone/monitor playback.

      Hope this is the correct section to ask this, if not please advise.

I'm having real problems connecting my mixer to my audio interface and getting playback via my monitors/headphones.

Connecting via the following method all i get is muddy very quiet playback even on max volume. In fact, i hear nothing until its quite high. Plugging in headphones/monitors to the audio interface direct works fine with the same set up but not when i try to route them through the mixer:

My mixer "main out" is unbalanced so i use 2 ts (mono) cables from my mixer into the 2 inputs on the audio interface which is set to "line" input. (Also have tried trs stereo leads for this connection with the same results).

I then connect the "out" on my mixer to two line outputs on the rear of the audio interface using a twin rca (from the mixer) to ts cables (into the audio interface outputs 1 & 2 on the audio interface.

Finally i plug a twin ts lead from the control room out into my monitors (rca inputs).

This was following advice from several youtube videos.

I dont have any problems recording into my DAW with this set up its just the playback which sounds like its playing under water. Ive tried using ts to ts cables into the speakers as well with the same results.I have also tried trs (stereo) leads into the monitors as well. Ive adjusted all volume controls on the mixer/audio interface/speakers etc with the same results.

With this set up if i plug headphones into the audio interface i get clear decent playback, however if i plug the phones into the "phones" on the mixer i get the same muddy/underwater results. Also if i connect the monitors direct to the audio interface i get decent playback its only when i try to run the monitors/headphones via the mixer.

Clearly there is an issue with the way ive set the cables up. The mixer and audio interface are new by the way and function as you would expect apart from this issue with monitors and headphones.

Sorry for the lack of technical speak.

I hope i've described my problem clearly enough for someone to help.

Its driving me absolutely mad!


My Equipment:

Behringer Xenyx 1202 mixer

Focusrite 8I6 3rd Gen audio interface

Alesis Elevate 5 MK 2 (with RCA & TRS SOCKETS).
Have you tried posting this question on the gearslutz forums?  You might have more success over there.
Thanks Auxinput2,
                              I got an immediate solution to my problem.

Once again, thanks for the pointer.