***Advice Needed***Choosing Between Mini & Midi Monitors

Downsized/up grade amp ordered I need to make a decision & order speakers.Current room size is roughly 12’x14’x8’ but that will probably get even smaller next year so this IS a factor in my decision.
Amp will be 25wpc.tube & music styles include classic rock,acoustic/electric blues,reggae,smooth jazz,baroque & chamber at low to moderate levels with an occasional cobweb clearing session now & then...Room is treated & really lets speakers do their thing without much interaction..
Current speakers are Dali Zensor 1’s & I REALLY love the physical size but they could use a touch deeper bass & better resolution.I don’t want to add a sub because this system needs to play as big as possible but have a SMALL form factor.With the current room my choice of speakers has come down to either the Focal Aria 906 or something from the Dynaudio Focus/Excite lines(160’s,140’s or X16/14),all of which I consider Midi Monitors as they are fairly large for stand mounted speakers.Choosing any of these speakers will no doubt give me a wonderfully balanced sound with bass that should be just right in my current room.The problem in my mind is if the room size does shrink next year they will be hard to keep balanced in the bass & I’ll be stuck trying to sell & replace them,not to mention they would be moving to a desktop/dresser top environment were their physical size would not work.
The other option is a mini size monitor like the PMC DB1i/DB1Gold or smaller Dynaudio Focus/Excite like the 110’s or X12’s.These speakers all have a reputation for playing bigger than they are but that is in small rooms & I worry they might sound lite in the bass(as the Zensor 1’s do) in the current room.
So what to do?Get the midi size monitors,have killer sound for a year or so & then deal with downsizing AGAIN(which I REALLY would like to avoid) or go with a true mini monitor & live with less bass impact  in the current room but easily transition to a smaller space were they would be juuusssttt right?
26 views & not 1 response.I'm really stuck in the mud here folks...
Dynaudio seem to me too "plain" sounding and require high power and loud level to really shine.  A 25-watt tube amp will do nothing for the Dyns.  Not sure about your budget, but the Devore monitors are great for smaller rooms and lots of detail.  Your tube amp would be plenty of power for them.
I am in a similar situation in looking for speakers for my refurbished Dynaco ST-70 amp. Was advised toward Tekton and Silverline brands. Tekton makes a monitor that is supposed to mate well with lower wattage tube amps. Check them out online. 

Ref 3A de capos  buy used  good resale value and great sound even at low volume
I would second the Decapos, easy load for a 25 watt tube amp in your room and when properly set up will do music and particularly bass bigger than their size, 8" woofer/mid driver vs 6" and smaller on comparable speakers with excellent control. No crossover other than a quality high pass cap to the tweeter. The newer model has the BE tweeter which I personally feel is a HUGE improvement over the previous model, others disagree. Check the website and read the reviews on this speaker to get an idea. There is general agreement on what this speaker does well. It is a classic design refined over almost 30 years.

In any case this is my favorite standmount monitor speaker at anywhere close to it’s price point, particularly with your criteria. You didn't give a price point so that would certainly help in recommending speakers to fit your needs. Good Luck!
Pro JBL 44xx or 43xx series have very high efficiency. I tried those with Scott Stereomaster 222 tube amp and they could scream LOUD.
Dynaudios do like power in general but the x14 are a much easier load than the 12s and Focus. X14 may work with 25 wpc and they sound great. 
I came to the same conclusion robr45,as a matter of fact I ordered Rosewood X14’s yesterday!In my current room with my normal listening levels the 25wpc.should be plenty of power,bass should hit 42 hz solidly,they will easily integrate into a smaller room should that happen & the sound should be amazing!
Having heard the X12s and thought them to be great driven by a 130wpc SImaudio integrated. I read that the X14s are somewhat better (and as robr mentioned easier to drive). I would have suggested them right away based on sonics however was not sure how they would respond to 25wpc tube amp. Please let us know your impressions.
Stereophile reviewed them & shortly after the reviewer passed away.A follow up was done 6 months later(+-)& the reviewer used a Line Mag.with 22wpc.He was very impressed.In another review a Class A EL34 running in Triode mode(15wpc.)in a 7mx5m room,the reviewer called the imaging & sound staging "spooky & holographic",with "way better bass than any speaker this small should be able to provide".I'm really looking forward to this weekend!
The soundstage and imaging on the X12s I heard were fantastic. Could walk into the soundstage.  
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I enjoy my Silverline Minuets. They are the smallest speakers I've  owned. Got them in a trade. To me they sound 'right' and I listen to music longer than before in my bedroom.

I used them in my main setup a bit and liked them, too. I started using a sub that I already owned, but I used them for months with no sub and really enjoyed them. 

Mine are the originals, I expect the newer ones to sound as good or better. Of course, only my opinion.

May give them a listen if you can.


Sorry for the late post... I hope you like your new setup.
I don’t know what your budget is, but if it isn’t limited, the Harbeth P3ESR might be the perfect choice. Used in smaller rooms, the bass is excellent, and for the types of music you listen to, I doubt that you could do better.
" I don’t want to add a sub because this system needs to play as big as possible but have a SMALL form factor."

So why not get a small sub. A sub will far outperform any speaker you're considering in bass extension and output. And you like your current speakers, so you get to keep them. One of my requirements is an unobtrusive sub. I have two Paradigm Seismic 110 in my main system. And two Sunfire True Super Jr (9" square) in another. No one even notices them. You don't need a subsonic sub for music, even though the Seismics are plenty powerful enough for movies. Heck, I've got a Velodyne MicroVee (another 9" box) in my bedroom and that's powerful enough for me. It's tiny. Goes well into the mid-30Hz +/3 range. The other advantage is you get to place them in an optimum position for your MLP. 
I'd also look at the AudioNote UK speakers they can be very nice and they have an assortment of stand mounts that do lower frequency's
 well. also as they are designed to be corner or wall positioned
 you can get more floor space using them as they do not need to be in the middle of the room to sound great. Look at the AN line they are fantastic speakers. AN-K,AN-J And the AN-E's E's may be a little big though. also they are all over 90db mostly in the 94db range and up so the 25wc will be great.
Sorry for the late post, but I have had a number of audiophile monitors, but recently purchased some Focal SM9s for use in my home studio.  I thought they would be too revealing for general audio use, but in fact, they sound awesome with commercial CD releases with tremendous bass extension.  For others, something to think about as an alternative.  Since they are powered, you wouldn't need to budget for an amplifier.   Highly recommended.  I recommend Sound Anchor stands for them.
So I was at Deja Vu Audio yesterday and saw this new system from Nola called the Brio Trio, the link wasn’t working so cutting and pasting some text...

NOLA introduced its Brio Trio satellite/ subwoofer loudspeaker system at CES 2016: a compact, high-end three-piece package featuring NOLA’s hallmark open baffle design and a novel "1½ way" enclosure for the main speakers.

The Brio Trio lives up to its name with sonic vitality and dynamic realism that far exceeds its compact size. It’s ideal for use as a desktop monitor system or a top quality 2.1 channel system in smaller rooms or where space is limited yet uncompromising sound is desired.

Measuring just 5½ by 5½ by 12 inches, the Brio main speaker employs two identical 3½ inch (90 mm) drivers, with the upper driver operating in an open baffle as a dipole and the lower driver mounted in a ported chamber. This configuration combines the natural imaging and expansive soundstage provided by the open baffle mounting with the dynamic presence and impact of the enclosure-mounted driver.

The matching subwoofer utilizes an 8-inch, long-throw, highpower- handling bass driver in a sealed enclosure, powered by a Class A/B 250-watt amplifier. NOLA chose Class A/B rather than the more typically used Class D subwoofer amplifier topology because of the A/B design’s superior sound quality. The amplifier is a smaller version of the one used in NOLA’s T Bolt subwoofer. The subwoofer provides continuously variable level and crossover frequency controls (from 40Hz-180Hz, 24dB/octave), 6dB at 35Hz switchable EQ, a phase switch and line-level and speaker-level inputs, enabling it to be seamlessly matched to the Brio main speakers and deliver optimum performance in any system and room.

Performance achieved is far beyond expectations for this type of system.

The Nola Brio Trio satellite/subwoofer system will be available in early 2016 in Piano Gloss Black finish at a suggested retail price of $2,700.

I didn’t get to hear it but Vu, who’s ears I trust more than anyone, was really enthused about the system and it’s design and sound. A great match with a low to mid power tube amp and you would not believe how small the monitors are, really cool looking and fantastic WAF. They also look like a good deal at $2700 I never asked Vu the price but mentally assumed it was in the $3-4K range.