Advice Needed: Bluesound Node vs Vault

I'd like to ask for some advice/feedback for anyone knowledgeable about the Bluesound Node and Vault. I'm trying to decide between the two and I can't understand why the Vault costs what it does. From my point of view (please correct me), you pay $700 more for the Vault to get a CD ripper and a 2TB hard drive (which costs $65 on Amazon), and LOSE wifi support. I get that it can be more convenient to stick CDs into the Vault to rip them, but outside of that why would I (or anyone) not just buy the Node and rip my CDs using my computer? There are pretty simple ways using software to get a bit perfect rip using a computer. If the Vault was $200 more I could see it, but I'm totally lost why that product has a $700 markup over a Node. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
Thanks everyone for the detailed responses! Since Roon was brought up, let me add that to the question. I had thought about album art potentially being an issue but if I used Roon in conjunction with the Node, wouldn't that automatically show all the album art and other meta data for my ripped CD's? A lifetime Roon subscription is $500, so still cheaper than the Vault premium over the Node.
I don't want to have to rip all my CDs again and could not see any reason to purchase the Vault over the Node 2.

I've already ripped hundreds of CDs to an external hard drive that is visible on my network. They are neatly organized by artist/album and I could care less if I see album art or not.

One of the things I like about the Node 2 is that I don't have to have my TV on to listen to music.  I upgraded my Oppo BDP-103 to a UDP-103 and bought the Node 2 so I could continue to enjoy Tidal in my main system.  Before getting the Node 2 I used the Oppo to stream Tidal.

I'm very happy with the Node 2.  I am using my Auralic Vega instead of the Node 2's internal DAC and am very happy with the ease of use and sound quality.  I picked one up for $200.  One of the best bang for the buck "audiophile" purchases I've ever made!
Thanks big_greg, I was thinking sort of along those same lines. I've already ripped some of my CDs a couple years ago. Not a ton, but maybe around 40 or 50. I already went through the process on my PC to get the album art and they are all neatly arranged in folders, like yours. I had no problem using them with my old Squeezebox Touch until the external HDD they were on died. I have the original copies still on the laptop. It's been a few years since I did it, but I don't recall it being that difficult of a process and the album art isn't critical priority for me either. I think the answer coming out of all this is the Vault isn't worth the extra money *for me* so I should stick with the Node 2i. Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to reply
The Bluesound ripper generally does good rips, superior to iTunes, perhaps a notch below dbpoweramp.  I’ve used all 3 of these extensively.  Still, if you are comfortable doing your own ripping, a program like dbpoweramp costs under a hundred, still cheaper to add then the ripping part of the Vault2 
I was going to get the Node 2i and stopped by my dealer to buy one.  We went through the specs between the Node 2 and 2i and there wasn't anything new in the 2i that mattered to me and he had a couple of the Node 2s coming in from a trade in.  I was able to pick one up for $200. 

If you're going to use the analog outputs, the sound quality is purportedly better on the 2i and it has Airplay 2 (which I don't have any use for).  I am running my Node 2 to an external DAC, so the "better" analog output sound quality didn't matter.  If you plan to use an external DAC and don't care about Airplay 2 you might be able to get a good deal on a Node 2.