Advice needed: audio package

Hi there,

I'm a newbie to audio systems and have been thinking of investing into a budget system. Coincidentally, someone I know has offered me his old system, which consists of the following:

1. KEF 105 Reference Series Audio speakers
2. Meridian 100 Watt Amplifiers( 1 Pre-amp, 2 Power amps)
3. Rega Planar 3 turntable
4. Approx. 200 albums.

I'm not quite sure of the model of the amplifiers, but I'm guessing they are from the 70's. We have not discussed the price for this package, and I have no idea what they should be worth! I would appreciate your input regarding this offer.

Thank you in advance for all your replies. Greatly appreciated!


Might be helpful if you got model nos. for the meridian gear. You could search in the classified for similar gear and get a benchmark on what people are asking. If you want a better response to your question, you might also indicate what kind of condition the gear is in, and some additional details--kind of cartridge on TT? Are any of the albums rare or audio pressings? If they are run of the mill, value will depend heavily on condition and demand. Heck, do *you* like them?
Hi Edesilva,

Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, the seller did not tell me much. He stated that they are all in "working order" and that the amps are Meridian 105's. He did say that the speakers will require refoaming. I am guessing that most of the gear are vintage models from the 70's early 80's? I'm quite clueless about audio gear, and due to their age, it seems that there is limited information regarding these components online.

He did however quote a price of 1000CDN for the complete package. I hope to audition them sometime soon.

I'm not too familiar with meridian gear, but a quick search on eBay shows a 105 and pre-amp that recently sold for about US$630. I'm thinking this gear is like 25 years old... I'd guess that the Rega would fetch US$300-400, depending upon the tonearm/cartridge, so the overall price doesn't seem horrible or anything. I wouldn't ascribe much value to the albums, unless you really like them. As far as the KEFs, you might want to investigate the costs for refoaming before leaping in.

You might also post a query to see what people here would recommend for $1000 CDN to get an idea of what else you could buy comparatively speaking.
DK, how much money are you willing to invest; may be able to get more 'current' equipment here on the gon?
Edesilva: The components do seem quite old indeed! I really am completely clueless in regards to audio components. Let's just say I'm not even entirely sure what the difference is between an amp and a preamp! It seems that refoaming the drivers will probably cost an additional 100USD (I think), so maybe I should reconsider this whole deal. I was quite excited about this package because a colleague of mine said that the vintage KEFs are great speakers.

Facten: I am hoping to spend about 1000-1500 CDN. I have a Squeezebox that supposedly has a decent DAC in it, and my source is my labtop containing all my CD's that has been ripped into FLAC. I would like a decent amp/preamp combo or an intergrated amp (preferably tube) and a pair of speakers. Thanks again.