Advice Needed...16 Year Old Bryston 7B-ST's or Emotiva XPA-'s (gen2)?

Hello All!  As the title suggests I need advice on what YOU recommend.  I can acquire a pair of 16 year old Bryston 7B ST's (gently used) or a NEW pair of Emotiva XPA-1s for about the same money....I don't have experience with Bryston at all, I currently use two Emotiva XPA-2 (gen2) Bridged in my system and I am mainly a vinyl listener using a Thorens TD-125 Long Base with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze and a Manley Chinook...My speakers are Definitive Technology BP 7000sc (built in class D 1800w subs) and I bi-wire.  In my "old age" I have come to enjoy a really good soundstage rather than sheer volume.  I am not concerned with warranty at this point although the Brystons do have 3 years of warranty left.  I have enjoyed the Emo's that I use but I am looking to go to the next step.  Any advice would be most helpful.


IMHO the sound of the Bryston is much more refined than the Emotiva.  If I bought the Bryston, I would definitely think about having them recapped.
buy the Brystons

then buy the Emotivas on amazoon and return if they aren't as good - check the return policy to be sure

if they ARE better, resell the Brystons

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It depends on what you want.  The older Bryston amps will have a nice smooth sound, but they can sound dull.  They are definitely not fast amps.  The ST series (gen 2) did improve things and the SST series (gen 3) was even faster and brighter.  The Bryston amps can be on the sterile side, depending on how you use them.

If you are comparing the 7B-ST to a newer Emotiva XPA-1, the Emotiva will be significantly faster and quicker in the response.  Stock, the Emotiva will have a digital/solid-state type of signature until you upgrade the fuses.  I would recommend a Furutech/Isoclean combination for the fuses, or just try with straight Isoclean first.

Like stereo5 said, 16 years is a very long time for the amp and re-capping is pretty much a requirement if you want good sound.  Sure, Bryston will still warranty this amp up to 20 years, but caps still age.

Went with an 8 year old Bryston 14B SST2 and could't be happier!  They replaced a pair of Emotive XPR-1 Monoblocs...All I can say is WHAT WAS I THINKING!  I am now in the camp of ther IS a difference between a 10k amp and a 1k amp...Emo's served me well, they never broke but that's ALL the kudos I can give them after listening to the Bryston!  In every aspect of what an amp should do the Bryston is light years better than the Emotiva's.  The Bryston even has less (rated) power but it sounds BETTER as it gets louder and really allows my speakers to sing!  the Emo's on the other hand got thin and compressed the more I challenged them.  Anyway thanks for the help here and I don't want to turn this into an Emotiva bashing session. 
I currently use two Emotiva XPA-2 (gen2) Bridged in my system

Went with an 8 year old Bryston 14B SST2 and could't be happier! They replaced a pair of Emotive XPR-1 Monoblocs

  Just out of curiosity, the amps been replaced are XPR-1 or XPA2?