advice need on peachtree decco 2 vs hybrid jolida

wondering which amp would be better to buy jolida 1701rc or a peachtree decco 2. i know the decco 2 is more versital as far as what different functions do. so which one of these amps would sound better using klipsch rb-81 II speakers using a cambridge 740c cd player and a 650a amp with good interconnects and speaker wire. this will be my first move to using any tubes period. just trying to get a opinion for just doing 2-channel rebooking cd playback.
Being that your speakers have 97db sensitivity why don't you think about using a smaller tube amp. Why are these two amps your only choices? Just curious!
only reason for these two choices is the price range and dont really want to go with a total tube intergrated amp.
I second Detrewings, in the context of your speakers, you should be looking elsewhere, if you don't want tubes, how about low powered class A? Or tripath like Red Wine Audio. Higher quality lower wattage amps would allow you to get the most out of your speakers.
I would encourafe you to be fearless and get an all tube integrated. Those speakers are practically crying out loud for true tube output power.
If you get a decent amp lets say a used Prima Luna I think you will be very very happy with the results. I seriously doubt that the "single tube in the window" hybrid amps will make the sound appreciably better than your current set up does. Tube power will open up your sound and give you a 3 dimensional image you wouldn't have anticipated. Tubes are not the big hassel people make them out to be and if you have little kids just use the tube cage. I would go all tube or stick with what you have.
Mechans advice sounds reasonable so it sounds like a JOLIDA JD 202A amp would do the trick in price range 1000 and under. hard to believe though a hybrid decco 2 or jolida hybrid wouldnt make a considerable difference in sound over the cambridge 650a. i would think my ear would hear a more cleaner and detailed smoother overall sound and not quite as analytical or bright as 650a
I have a decco 2 and am very familiar with jolida (have a few of their products). First, the decco 2 is not going to give you a tube sound....the tube is only a buffer and has minimal effect. I have a modified decco, and even with the mods, its amp is only OK. What you are getting is a really good (for the price) DAC. It also has a decent headphone section. The jolida 1701 is not something I am crazy about. None of the jolida hybrids are impressive. Jolida really makes some very good sounding tube amps and this is something that sets them apart on the cost/benefit ratio. Bottom line, if you like the decco (or even the jolida) go for it. The decco is a solid unit, has good value and its DAC is excellent. I also just think you will be better served by a full tube amp, even if it's a bit more than you want to spend.
Well after further researching,looks like I am going with a Sophia electric Baby amp. It gets great reviews and will match the klipchs well. also my first entry level into a full intergrated tube amp. The price is really affordable this way,and for now i will keep my ss amp. Thanks every body for your opinions and comments on this matter,was helpful.
Spend a little on WE396a tubes and upgraded caps and you'll be pleasantly surprised.