Advice: My first SACD?

I should be receiving my CARY SACD player soon. I am pretty excited about trying out SACD, however I currently do not own any. What would be a great first SACD to get that would really highlight the musical/sonic advantages of this format. I listen to everything so all recommendations are welcomed.
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I'm not a country music guy but there is an Allison Krauss and Union Station Live album that is kind of chilling. Dianna Krall The Look of Love is pretty decent but take note of what I am about to say as I have a 306SACD too. Go through your cds and pull out your favorites recorded in HDCD. All of your cds will sound better than what you have heard before but the HDCD software decoder is phenominal. I used to think they just sounded bright before on my 306-200 and less so on my 303-300. The 306SACD is so good at redbook just buy SACDs when it is a title you want. Good luck and get ready for 200 hours of burn in.

The Sony SACD samplers are excellent!

For SACD, great sonics & performances in Beck "Sea Change", Chick Corea "Rendezvous in NY", and Roger Waters "The Wall Live in Berlin."

Toscana by Andrea Bocelli
When I got my Sony SCD-1 player, the first SACD I put in was Charlotte Church's Enchantment. I picked Track 6, The Flower Duet. It sounded awesome! Mariah Carey's #1's is another good one that shows of the range in her voice. I've also enjoyed listening to some of the Bob Dylan remastered SACD's. I guess it depends on your taste but I am sure you will be impressed with whatever you choose, I just hope the SACD format doesn't die out.
Dgarretson, is the Wall Live a quality recording in SACD? I have the DVD.
Rwwear, yes the SACD of The Wall Live in Berlin is sonically impressive. I find no reference in the documentation as to mastering technology other than 5.1, Abbey Road studio, & Mercury Records. I have listened to it only in 2CH stereo.
Thanks. I'll check it out.
Another good one is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.
What kind of music do you like?

The advantages of SACD appear most obvious if you listen to something you're already familiar with. I remember being amazed by Ziggy Stardust even though I wouldn't rate it as one of the great SACD releases, but I knew the CD version so well that the SACD blew me away.

Ditto for Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis.

If you like Opera, check out Falstaff by Verdi on LSO Live.

If you like Orchestral, there is a lot to choose from. Name some favorite composers for us.


Thanks for the tips. I do not know of any classical composers though I am open to trying anything. This is more an exploratory mission to just try out new music on SACD.
Think of an album you have loved forever and if it's available on SACD by it. How can you go wrong with that logic?
If you're open to trying some classical, here are two of the best known works in the classical repertoire:

(these are also excellent recordings that will show off the SACD format admirably)

Steely Dan - Gaucho
Allison Krauss & Union Station Live
tfkaudio: thank you! I will give those a listen.
I've owned a couple different SACD players since 2001, and my advice is somethibng like Ghasley's: don't just buy something because it's available in the SACD format because more often than not you will find that there is not enough of a POSITIVE difference between the current remaster and something you already have. Over the past 5 years, I have purchased about 325 SACDs, but kept less than half of them.

My sincere apologies to the person who suggested DSOTM, but in all candor this is one of the poorest remasters in the format I have heard so far.

On a positive note, I believe that either of the two Showcase samplers from Opus 3 or the Red Rose sampler are about as good as you will ever hear music in the SACD format.
to find out what is really possible with format check whether it the recording is DSD or just PCM redone into DSD. ...the former does tend to sound better to my ears

This is one of my favorite albums and this sacd release is a gem . Enjoy :-)
Thanks Steam3642. I have always been a fan of Bryan Ferry.
No problems ,Bryan Ferry has a couple of solo album sacds out as well just look under Bryan Ferry sacds on google , Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms > is another great sacd. :-)
Here is atangent for this thread I was told by a local dealer that SACD was on its way out. Is this true? I was just getting interested in getting one after hearing PINK FLOYDS DSOTM at Sound advice last week